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Meet Tilly and Toby the Queensway Tooth Troopers

Meet Tilly and Toby the Queensway Tooth Troopers

Hello we’re Tilly and Toby the Tooth Troopers!

We live at Queensway Dental Clinic - you may see us at your next visit!

It is our job to teach children all about the ways to look after their teeth and make it fun!

When we’re not at work, we also love attending Summer Fayre’s and local community events – we can even come into your school to teach you and your class mates all about oral health and tooth brushing! If you would like us to pay a visit ask your teacher to give us a call.

Sometimes we even get to visit Middlesbrough Football Club and meet the players! Look at for us next time in the Fan Zone where you can pick up some oral health goodies! Sometimes we even get to fly over the pitch. If you see us and our tooth fairy friends make sure you say hello.

For more information call 01642 554667.

The bit for parents and teachers….

The Tooth Troopers project aims to provide education to address the chronic problem of tooth decay in young children in Teesside by providing education and information about the cause of tooth decay and ways to prevent it.

Oral health is a big issue; with a report* revealing that over 27 per cent of five-year olds across the UK suffer from tooth decay, with figures for the North East being higher than the national average. In Teesside the figure is 32 per cent, rising to 36 per cent when Hartlepool is excluded, which has the benefit of naturally occurring fluoride in the water supply.

In addition, the national average for five-year olds needing an extraction is three per cent, which rises to four and a half per cent for the North East, the second highest rate in England.

Dr Paul Howlett, Dentist at Queensway Dental Clinic said: “As part of the project we will work with pupils to help them understand the importance of good oral health and the long-term benefits of taking care of their teeth and gums from an early age. Queensway Dental Clinic is committed to educating the local community on how they can best tackle this issue. Toby and Tilly, our Tooth Troopers will help the children along the way and we hope to spread the key oral health messages far and wide!”

*All data taken from the Public Health England 2012 survey of 5 year olds. 

Our Greek Mission

Our Greek Mission

In 2016, as part of the dental mission organised by Health-point Foundation, Queensway Dental’s managing partner Dr Paul Averley, together with his daughter Maddie, an aspiring dentist, and dental nurse Jade Hand, visited the military-run refugee camps to deliver treatment and pain relief over a three-day period.                                                                                                

Health-point Foundation carries out mobile and static dental relief work across the world.  Its relief services are currently active in Greek refugee camps with the aim of making access to dental care across various camps easier for refugees.

Dr Averley, who facilitated the charity mission, said: “In order to carry out vital dental care, charities such as Dentaid are reliant on the experience of volunteers like me, Jade and Maddie as well as receiving general donations from the public.

“Not only was this a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the Dentaid trip to make a difference to those in need, it was a real eye-opener of what life is like for refugees.  Conditions were very basic compared to what we are used to in the UK - with treatment taking place in either tents or shipping containers. Most people there had never seen a dentist before which meant the demand for our temporary clinics was high.”

The trio worked alongside volunteering translators who helped the patients and dentists to communicate.  They translated Arabic to English and vice versa to ensure they were offering the best possible treatment for the patients.

Dr Averley, added: “We met some incredible people and heard heart-breaking stories but it was a very worthwhile experience and one that I am very grateful to have been a part of.  It was fantastic to be able to support Dentaid to help develop their work into a better-established outreach program.”

“Through the support of the local community and our patients, we hope to repeat our dental missions across Europe in the near future.”

Through the support of internal staff fundraisers and our patients we plan to repeat our mission in October 2017.

In total through a bake sale, the sale of water bottles and a sponsored cycle we have raised £1600.

Thank you to all of our generous patients and team members to make our next trip possible.

Ola Hassan, Dental Lead for Health-Point Foundation, said: “The Queensway team was a wonderful addition to our charitable project out in the Greek refugee camps.

“We were extremely grateful for the expertise they brought to the project. Dr Averley continues to support our project by giving us advice and by connecting us with other individuals who are able to help in our efforts in providing dental relief for displaced individuals. I cannot thank Dr Averley, Maddie and Jade enough. We look forward to welcoming them back to the project in the future so they can continue their great work.” 

The Fluoride Varnish Programme in School’s

The Fluoride Varnish Programme in School’s

In 2017, Queensway has helped to make more than 170 primary school children smile as part of a programme which aims to protect against tooth decay.

Representatives of Queensway Dental and Queensway Orthodontics, work with two Billingham schools - High Clarence Primary School and Our Lady of the Most Holy Roseary to apply fluoride varnish to the pupil’s teeth twice a year.

The Schools Fluoride Varnish (SFV) initiative funded by Public Health England.

According to the latest health figures, nearly one-in-three North East primary school children already show signs of tooth decay and national statistics show that some 80 per cent of one and two-year-olds in England did not visit an NHS dentist last year. Selected schools already participating in the successful tooth brushing programme have been invited to join the SFV initiative to encourage good oral health habits.

Jennie Ingledew, lead dental nurse at Queensway Dental, was part of the team which delivered the programme.  She said: “At Queensway, we already have an agenda with schools as part of our tooth trooper campaign with mascots Tilly and Toby to deliver oral health awareness sessions, so it was fantastic to be able to build on this by applying fluoride varnish in schools.

“Results from studies have shown that decay can be reduced by the application of fluoride varnish up to four times a year. This is important as children in Teesside have on average tooth decay rates nearly double the national average. Some schools have as many as 7 in 10, five-year-old children suffering from tooth decay, which is a really worrying statistic. It is our aim to ensure we make improvements to children’s oral health across the region.

“Tooth decay is an entirely preventable disease that can be painful - and even result in teeth being removed under general anesthetic, which is stressful for children and parents alike.

“Thankfully, tooth decay in children can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle and guidance from parents and carers.” she added.

Vicki Bowker, Deputy Head Teacher at High Clarence Primary School, said: “I am delighted to see the uptake of pupils taking part in the initiative and parents getting on board to take preventative measures with oral health. The children now look forward to Queensway’s visits with Tilly and Toby and we hope that this will help to combat any fears of future dental visits.

“We are committed to the health and wellbeing of all of our pupils and by working with Queensway, all now have access to oral health care and hopefully healthy teeth for life!”

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