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Unhappy with her partial denture Gayle visited Queensway to seek a solution.

After a referral from her family dentist regarding a fractured bridge, Gayle visited Queensway Dental Clinic for an appointment with Dr Ian Lane.

Gayle had first noticed the deterioration of her teeth after having children. This had resulted in extractions – meaning Gayle had to wear a partial denture.

“I visited Dr Lane for my consultation and went through absolutely everything with him. Ian listened to me and I felt completely safe in his care. I had initially thought that my only option was to wear a partial denture, something which I explained to Ian I could not tolerate wearing. For me it felt like a vice, and would be the first thing I would take out when I got home on an evening. I had previously tried both metal and plastic dentures, and although the metal denture was an improvement it was still something I was constantly aware of. I felt that Ian completely understood my concerns and genuinely cared about how he could help me to overcome them.”

After visiting Queensway for a further consultation with specialist maxillofacial surgeon Mr Rob Banks it was suggested a delayed implant approach treatment plan would be the most suitable option for Gayle. This would involve the placement of a conventional bridge, supported by 6 implants in her upper jaw. A further two implants would then be placed in to her lower jaw to support her bite. This would allow Gayle to retain her remaining teeth, and would give the most natural looking smile. The implant supported bridge, which would be manufactured on site at Queensway Dental Laboratory, would remove the need for Gayle to wear a denture by offering a permanent solution to Gayle’s concerns.
Gayle went ahead with her treatment which took just over a year to complete. Queensway Dental Laboratory used 3D CAD and CAM design and production to manufacture the custom bridge, using Nobel Biocare software and planning.

Gayle said “I feel great about my teeth now, they’re fabulous. I feel like I can actually smile! I am also very pleased with how the bridge looks, I don’t feel like I have false teeth as they look completely natural.”
“I would recommend Queensway to anyone with concerns about their smile. Both Ian and his nurse Gemma were excellent. My sister, who had previously seen Dr Lane for treatment, had also commented on how great he was.”

Gayle will continue to see Dr Lane on a regular basis to ensure the implants are carefully monitored.

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Queensway Star Michelle’s Sensational Smile!


Michelle was recommended to visit Queensway Dental Clinic by a friend. She had concerns about her teeth and smile and was particularly unhappy with cosmetic dental treatment completed some time ago.

“I was so fed up with my teeth and smile and the problems I was experiencing. I couldn’t keep wasting time and money trying to fix it, so coming to Queensway was my last option.”

Anxious about visiting the dentist Michelle brought her partner Michael along to her initial consultation with Dr Ian Lane for support.

Michelle said that “Ian listened and took me seriously. I was so overwhelmed during the consultation I was brought to tears! My main aim was to replace the four veneers fitted to my front teeth. The veneers had become discoloured and I had also suffered some infection to the roots. However, Ian looked at the bigger picture and the long term effects of the treatment. He brought things to my attention I had never even been made aware of before, which is why I chose to go ahead with my treatment at Queensway.” 

Dr Lane’s first aim was to correct Michelle’s bite and the spacing of the lower teeth. This would help ensure that when the replacement veneers where fitted the risks of them being damaged or lost was reduced. Michelle’s previous veneers had been adjusted to an uneven shape to fit around her lower teeth this meant a referral to Specialist Orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming at Queensway Orthodontics.

“Guy was great! I felt really comfortable about my orthodontic treatment and was confident with what could be achieved. Having braces fitted also improved the way I cared for my teeth and as they weren’t very noticeable having them wasn’t an issue.”

Michelle wore a fixed brace to straighten her lower teeth, close the spacing and correct the bite. This allowed Dr Lane to complete Michelle’s treatment by placing new veneers, and replacing her silver fillings with better looking white composites and ceramic onlays. The finishing touch was having simple ‘stick-on’ bridges fitted to replace two missing lower teeth all manufactured on site at Queensway Dental Laboratory.

“I couldn’t be happier with my smile. Before treatment I would always look away or do something to mask my mouth but now I can smile confidently and not feel conscious of my teeth.”

“The service I received at Queensway Dental Clinic and Queensway Orthodontics was fantastic. I don’t mind going to the dentist now as I know I’m going to be looked after. The staff are all great, and it’s been a huge advantage having access to such a range of skills and expertise in one place. There would be occasions when I would have an appointment with Guy and he would be able to call Ian in to discuss my progress or vice versa. It was really reassuring to have both dentists in one clinic.”

Michelle now sees Dr Lane as her regular dentist and visits Dr Deeming to have her retainers checked (essential after any orthodontic treatment). Her partner Michael is now also a patient at Queensway Dental Clinic. Michael, who sees dentist Dr Will Carter, said “It’s a completely different experience at Queensway Dental Clinic, the service is great and staff members are more like friends.”

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When Gillian lost a crown she wasn’t sure of the best option to have it replaced. Her family dentist had recommended a denture but she wanted to explore different options.

A friend had recommended that she tried Queensway Dental Clinic for a second opinion and she booked a free new patient dental implant consultation with Dr Ian Lane. After an examination and an x-ray, a bespoke treatment plan was made for Gillian with options of different treatments at different price ranges.

Gillian had problems with her bite and teeth with previous restorations needed attention. Ian was able to address these problems and offer a solution. After taking the time to think the options through, Gillian made a decision to go ahead with treatment that would solve all of her dental troubles.

Gillian said: “I was relieved to get some answers and be able to start treatment. I knew from the beginning that it wasn’t going to be a quick fix, but I was happy to perceiver and the outcome has exceeded my expectations, not only in terms of appearance, but I now have long-term stability for my teeth.”

“The dental implant was a fantastic option and was exactly what I wanted instead of a denture and I feel much happier. The service was excellent.”

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Fiona shows off her fantastic smile

Since becoming a dental nurse herself, Fiona had always wanted to ‘fix’ the things that she didn’t like about her smile. She had a visible gap in her top set of teeth and as a result the tooth next door had become twisted. Since a teenager, NHS dental work consisting of veneers and a bridge had been a solution but she wanted to explore other options.

Having a young family her dreams of a new smile were put on hold until in 2011 when she decided to enquire at Queensway Dental Clinic to find out exactly her treatment she would need and what the cost would be. After a free 30 minute consultation with Dr Ian Lane, she was given some time to consider her options she made the decision that there was no time like the present.

Treatment began with Fiona seeing Queensway’s Specialist Orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming where she was fitted with braces which were worn on the top and bottom set of teeth for 18 months to straighten the teeth. Being ceramic, they were hardly noticeable and were the first stage of the journey towards the smile she had always wanted.   Upon completion of her orthodontic treatment, she required crown lengthening on two teeth and a dental implant to fill the gap that she had always disliked. This was the part Fiona was nervous for but Dr Ian Lane was able to alleviate her fears and anxieties with the use of conscious sedation. The implant was the exact match to the surrounding teeth and best of all Fiona assures that the process was completely painless!

Two years later upon completion of every stage or treatment, Fiona said that, “Because of the complex treatment that I needed, I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick fix but it was well worth the wait. In just over two years I have a fantastic smile that I show off all of the time.  It really does feel like it has changed my life as it is something that I have wanted for so long.”

“Being a patient at Queensway means that everything really is under one roof and I completely trust all of the team and their expertise to look after us.”


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“I now enjoy eating an apple which I have not been able to do in a long time!”

James had worn a part-denture for over 10 years but had never been entirely satisfied with it. While it fitted correctly and served its purpose, due to the way that it was positioned, clipped to the sides of the teeth, it was often visible when James was talking and especially smiling which was something he felt conscious about.

While James was attending a routine check-up with his family dentist, James mentioned his concerns and he was referred to Queensway Dental Clinic for a free dental implant assessment.

At the initial assessment, he met Dr Paul Averley who examined his mouth and took a 3D x-ray to ensure that he was a suitable implant patient. After determining that it was appropriate to go ahead with treatment, James went away with a comprehensive treatment plan detailing the procedure and cost. James returned to Dr Averley a few weeks later ready for the first stage of treatment. Despite working away for long periods of time, James said that Queensway were very accommodating in fitting appointments in when he was home.

Following treatment James said, “Dental implants have made me feel much more comfortable with my own teeth. They look natural, there is no unsightly metal visible in my mouth and public speaking at work has become a lot easier as I am no longer concerned with people seeing my teeth. I can also now enjoy eating an apple which I have not been able to do in a long time!”

When asked about the service James received when at Queensway he said that it was first class. Now that treatment is complete, he will return to his family dentist for his routine dental care.

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