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Veneers & Tooth Whitening

After hearing about Queensway Dental Clinic through work colleagues, David booked an initial consultation with Dr Uzma Olbrich.

David said “I’d always been self-conscious about my smile from being a teenager mainly due to the prominent gap in my two front teeth. I’d always wanted to get my smile corrected but had never got around to it. When the bridge on the top row of my teeth cracked I decided to get my whole smile improved instead of just having the bridge fixed.”

Dr Uzma Olbrich suggested a treatment plan for David which included a course of tooth whitening, veneers to the anterior teeth and also the replacement of the cracked bridge. This course of treatment would brighten the teeth and in particular even out the colour of the lower teeth. The placement of veneers to David’s anterior teeth would reduce the space between his two front teeth whilst also improving the shape and size of those on each side. Replacement of the bridge would benefit David both functionally and aesthetically.

“I visited Queensway Dental Clinic a few months before my wedding. I wanted to be able to smile with confidence on my wedding photos and after talking with Dr Uzma Olbrich I was assured that treatment could be completed prior to my wedding day.”

Happy with the proposed treatment plan David went ahead with his treatment. The manufacture of the veneers and bridge was completed on site at Queensway Dental Laboratory, ensuring both the quality of the lab items and the production times.

“My treatment was complete before my wedding day and I was able to enjoy the day even more than I’d expected due to the added confidence my new teeth gave me. I beamed with pride on my wedding photos, which was amazing because for 35 years prior to that I’d always been very nervous when asked to smile for a camera.”

David is now a regular patient at Queensway Dental Clinic, seeing Dr Uzma Olbrich for his routine dental appointments.

“The staff at Queensway were excellent and I would recommend then without hesitation. They changed my teeth, which changed my smile, which changed my life. I’ll always be grateful to them.”

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Veneers following trauma

After falling from his bike and suffering trauma to his front teeth, Mark was referred by his family dentist to Queensway Dental Clinic for a consultation with Dr Will Carter. Dr Carter has an MSc in cosmetic restorative dentistry and has built a good reputation for quality ethical dentistry.
Marks fall had severely damaged his 4 front teeth, which for Mark’s smile meant ‘There wasn’t one!’ Mark had had temporary fillings placed after the original trauma to his teeth however he was unhappy with them as they discoloured regularly and looked unsightly.
After an initial consultation Dr Carter recommended a course of treatment which would involve placing 4 ceramic veneers on to Marks 4 front teeth, this would restore Marks smile and also mean he has no pain from his teeth whilst with his veneers he has less chance of them coming off compared to his old temporary fillings. Happy with the proposed treatment plan, Mark went ahead with his treatment.
Upon completion of treatment, which took two weeks, Mark said: “I am very happy with the treatment and service I received from Dr Carter and the team at Queensway Dental Clinic. Dr Carter has made a 100% improvement to my smile! I would definitely recommend Queensway Dental Clinic to anyone, even if their worries are minor, I don’t believe any concern would be too small!”
Mark will now return to his family dentist for his ongoing dental care.

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Composite veneers

This  patient come to Queensway for a cosmetic consultation because she was concerned that her teeth were irregular lengths and shapes. She also had noticeable acid erosion on the tooth surface. The patient chose to have direct composite veneers to close gaps and rebuild the enamel lost through acid erosion.

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Using anxiety management to achieve the smile Ronnie has always wanted

Veronica attended Queensway Dental Clinic after many years of disliking the appearance of her teeth. The back of the front teeth and the edges were worn and she also disliked their colour. Like many patients she did not enjoy visiting the dentist, but after many years, plucked up the courage to have an appointment with Dr Will Carter. Several visits later Veronica had a clear understanding of the condition her teeth, what had caused the problem (her bite) and what could be done to fix the problem.

Dr Will Carter used a new technique using a Kois deprogrammer (a removable appliance) to help change the way in which her teeth bite together, leading to fabulous looking teeth that are less likely to wear down in the future.

By using intravenous conscious sedation to manage her anxiety, Veronica was able to undergo further dental treatment, which included new ceramic bridges and veneers which compliment her new smile. She is now less anxious of the dentist after having a pleasant experience and great results.

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All-on-4™ Dental Implants: Case 3

This patient had suffered from receding gums and gum disease for several years and bone loss in her jaw was moving the teeth and causing gaps. Due to these problems she thought that she wasn’t a suitable patient for dental implants, until she found out about All-on-4™. Her top and bottom arch of teeth were replaced with a fixed bridge on four dental implants. This was carried out on the same day.

“I cannot believe the difference All-on-4 has made to my life and I have been astonished at the amount of compliments I have received. My teeth look totally natural and my husband has commented that my teeth are back to what they used to be like.”


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Orthodontics, bridges and composite bonding

This patient was missing his canine teeth on his upper and lower arch. This resulted in his smile having noticeable gaps and his teeth were also looking worn from teeth grinding.

He chose to have orthodontics to widen the gaps where the canine teeth should have been to make room for composite bridges. Composite bonding was then used to build-up his warn teeth to give him a straight, even smile.

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Orthodontics, tooth whitening and same-day veneers

Already a patient at Queensway, this patient asked her dentist about cosmetic options. At her free cosmetic assessment the dentist advised tooth alignment prior to veneers as this would reduce the amount of tooth preparation.  Our specialist orthodontist assessed and treated her with fixed braces and then she decided on tooth whitening on her upper and lower teeth. After discussing veneer options the patient chose Edelweiss same-day-veneers to complete her smile make over.

“I was very unhappy with the appearance of my teeth and decided on a treatment plan that included fixed braces, tooth whitening and veneers. I can now happily say that all the trips to the dentist over the past two years were worth it, and my smile has improved 100%. Most importantly it looks natural which is the result I was hoping for.”

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Tooth whitening

This patient achieved a noticeably brighter smile after opting to have her teeth whitened before her wedding day.

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