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Upper & Lower Partial Dentures with replacement crowns

“I am absolutely petrified of the dentist so I’d began looking online for a dentist who would be able to understand and help me to deal with my anxiety.

After having several teeth removed I was looking for a practice who could also offer me more, and be able to give me a solution to the gaps in my smile, which was when I came across Queensway.

I came for my initial consultation with a dentist. I really felt comfortable about my treatment with Mr Averley, he explained exactly what he could do for me. He talked me through my options for receiving sedation, and was able to tell me exactly how many sessions it would take to complete me treatment. Jade his nurse was fabulous. She is always absolutely brilliant at making me feel more at ease during my visits.

I’m so pleased I went ahead with the treatment plan I was suggested, my smile is brilliant!

Coping with my anxiety is getting easier and easier each time I visit, and although I’m still very nervous I’d always come back to Queensway. The service from the whole team has been absolutely brilliant. After my recommendation I think some of my family and friends will also be on route to visit!”

Christine, Barnard Castle

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Cosmetic Case: Replacement veneers, crown lengthening & dental implant

“I was referred to Queensway initially for conscious sedation as my own dentist, could no longer deliver this. My own dentist had tried everything to save a lower front tooth but when it was obvious that this was not possible, I was referred for potential implant.

During the consultation at Queensway my options were clearly explained and I felt confident with my choice – it was either that or my long-awaited holiday to New Zealand!

I’ve had several, lengthy courses of treatment, from extraction, implant, surgery to upper gum-line, replacement crowns and veneers. My dentist and all staff have been professional, friendly and supportive throughout my many visits to the clinic and following my treatment I feel confident! I’ve NEVER had such a presentable smile!

On the whole, the service has been exemplary. I would certainly recommend Queensway to friends and family.  I have had some complex procedures over the past few years and for someone with a real fear of ‘going to the dentist’ this would have been impossible.  Knowing that I was going to receive conscious sedation, and also being greeted and treated in such a positive way made all those visits bearable.  Also, anyone who sails (Laser II? RS?) knows that regardless of the outward signs of confidence, you can still be a quivering wreck inside, so thank you for not treating me like a fake!  I love everyone at Queensway dearly, but I hope I don’t need to visit you again for a long while!!!”

Christina Hunter, Billingham

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Tooth Whitening, Replacement Crowns & Bridge

“I am an NHS patient at Queensway dental clinic and was referred by my dentist as I wished to improve the cosmetic look of my smile.

 I had crowns on my front teeth 20 years ago due to discolouration of my natural teeth. The crowns did not match and had been repaired. I also had an unnatural looking bridge at the back of my mouth covering a missing tooth. I hated my smile as my teeth were very crooked and I was very self-conscious about it.  I was also unhappy with the overall colour of my teeth and wanted a brighter smile.

 The dentist was very friendly and put me at ease straightaway, he explained everything fully and was very confident that he could drastically improve the overall look of my smile.

 The treatment plan I went ahead with involved a course of whitening, the replacement of two front crowns and a replacement bridge.  I love my new smile. My teeth look so much straighter and brighter but still look very natural. I can’t believe the difference, I never thought it was possible for me to have such a nice smile.

 The service I have received has been excellent! I was informed every step of the way and consulted over every detail. I was also put at ease as I was nervous about the treatments.

I would absolutely recommend Queensway to my friends and family! The service is professional, affordable and the results are fantastic!”

Karen, Billingham

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Replacement Veneers & Crowns

“I’ve been a patient at Queensway from the age of around 3, and now visit the clinic with my own family. I first had treatment to improve the colour of my teeth at the age of 16, as medication I had been prescribed had caused my teeth to change colour. I then had further treatment to improve the appearance of my front teeth with crowns and veneers.

I had discussed with my dentist the possible options for improving my smile. The health of my mouth and teeth is something that’s always been really important to me and as my oral health was good, my dentist was able to suggest a treatment plan for me.

It was great to be given choices. My dentist was really open with me and explained everything really well. I was given time to think about what I wanted to do and allowed to decide in my own time, without feeling pressured, about the course of treatment I wanted to go ahead with.

I have been able to compete the stages of my treatment when it suits me, both personally and financially, which has been excellent. I put my complete trust and faith in my dentist and couldn’t be happier with the results. I love my smile, and am no longer conscious of it.

Both my dentist and the nurse have been great. Everyone at the clinic is lovely, from the moment you walk through the door everyone is really friendly. I always speak as I find and I’m never afraid to ask questions about anything and know that I can speak to my dentist if I ever have any concerns. I love that things are always explained to me and I have always been aware of exactly what is happening at each stage of my treatment.

All of my family visit Queensway and I have recommended the clinic to many of my friends and colleagues.”

The dentist said “As there are now much better materials available when manufacturing crowns and veneers it was possible to achieve a really great result with a very natural aesthetic. We are fortunate to have an on-site dental laboratory at Queensway, meaning I was able to work very closely with the team at the lab to ensure the best possible results.”

Treatment involved replacing old crowns and veneers with new ceramic ones, which were produced by Queensway Dental Laboratory.

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All on 4 Lower & Implant supported upper bridgework

I had a lot of missing teeth, which had been replaced with top and bottom dentures. I was really conscious of my teeth moving when I talked, and hated using the ‘sticky adhesive stuff’ to keep them in place. Which was why, after seeing an advert for Queensway in Wynyard Hall magazine, I decided to come for a consultation.

I didn’t know what to expect when I came for the initial consultation. However my dentist provided me with a treatment plan and explained everything to me so I knew exactly what my options were.

I knew in terms of both treatment time and cost it was something I wouldn’t be able to do all at once, but together with my husband, who was very supportive and completely in favour of the treatment, we made it possible.

I have been visiting Queensway for almost 3 years, and the treatment I have had has been very complex. I look back now and I can’t even remember wearing a denture, which is lovely. Looking at the before and after images of my treatment is absolutely fascinating. Nobody has actually said ‘Have you had your teeth done?’ and I think it’s because they look so natural. I’m really happy with how they look.” Rosalind, Darlington

Rosalind’s treatment involved lower All on 4, and upper bridgework supported by 6 dental implants.


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Composite Bonding

My teeth were crooked at the front and had become quite chipped and worn. It’d bothered me for a while, but it wasn’t until my cousin recommended Queensway Dental Clinic to me that I decided to see what I could do about it.

I saw a dentist at the clinic and he discussed my options which included braces, composite bonding and ceramic veneers. I’d weighed up my choices and as the short treatment time suited me, I decided to go for composite bonding. The cost of the different treatment options was also something which affected my decision and the cost of composite bonding made it a really good option.

Throughout my treatment my dentist was spot on, really professional. Both him and his nurse were really nice!

I’m really happy with my treatment, my smile looks really good. I’m thinking about having composite veneers to my lower teeth now too.”

Jordan, Hartlepool

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All on 4 Dental Implants: Lower Solution

“I had always been blessed with good teeth, but side effects from medication I had been prescribed had caused me problems meaning my teeth had started to decay. I was referred to Queensway to have my decayed teeth removed, so I had known about the practice for some time. After having my teeth removed I was provided with a set of NHS dentures, however I wasn’t ever 100% happy with them.

I really struggled with my lower denture as it would never stay stuck for long and I found it impossible to eat without removing it. It became a complete nuisance in public, making simple things like going out for the day or going to a friend’s house for something to eat really difficult.

I had picked up a leaflet about dental implants during my previous visit to the Queensway and when I started experiencing problems I asked my dentist to refer me for a consultation.

The team on reception were great and I managed to get an appointment that same week with Dr Ian Lane. I really liked Ian. I was able to get my points of view across to him and trusted that he understood me. Gemma, Ian’s nurse was also very nice indeed and the receptionists were professional but still very good fun. I must have visited the practice at least 20 times within the year and everyone was always fantastic.

During my consultation Ian explained all of the treatment options available to me which included replacing my denture, mini implants or All-on-4 dental implants. I made my decision instantly. I had come to the practice knowing what I wanted and the All-on-4 system offered me exactly what I was looking for. I would be able to get the permanent solution I wanted, all on the same day. The only aspect that I had to work around was the cost of the treatment, but all of the finance options were explained well and I was able to go ahead with my treatment choosing the most suitable option for me.

My smile now is great. Obviously I wanted my teeth to look good but it was the functionality of my teeth which was most important to me. It’s made such a big difference socially, especially as I can go out for something to eat and not be worried or conscious of having to remove my denture. It’s marvellous.

My family dentist has since retired so I now see Ian and hygienist, Sally for my routine dental care.”

Christine, Hartlepool


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Dental Implants: Bridge

Unhappy with the gap in the left upper side of her mouth and the appearance of an old crown which showed a dark line around the gum Helen visited Dr Will Carter to discuss implant treatment.

As Helen has a high smile line and shows some gum when she smiles, Dr Carter had to plan and design the implant bridge carefully, to ensure the most natural looking restoration. By choosing to have an implant supported bridge Helen now has a long term solution to the gap in her smile, meaning she does not have to wear a removable denture.

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Ceramic Crowns

Unhappy with the appearance of their smile this patient visited Dr Will Carter to discuss their options.

Dr Will Carter said “These teeth were discoloured and worn down so appeared shorter than they should be with gaps between them, after discussing all the options this patient decided to have a mixture of ceramic crowns and bridges to repair the damage that had been caused, a soft splint was provided to reduce the risk of future breakages. This treatment only took two sessions.”

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Dental Anxiety: Crowns & Tooth Whitening

“I had always had problems with my teeth from a young age. At 17 I’d had caps fitted, but over the years my gums had begun to recede and my teeth had moved leaving me with gaps. I was so aware of my teeth that I didn’t smile a lot!

My husband was referred to Queensway by his dentist and it was only when he came home and told me about it that I thought about booking an appointment. I knew I needed to do something about my teeth, but as my own practice didn’t offer sedation I was absolutely petrified of going any further.

I finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment and booked a consultation with Dr Ian Lane. I couldn’t even bear to sit in the waiting room before my first appointment. I arrived 5 minutes before and spent the whole time pacing up and down the corridor until Ian was ready for me to go in.

As soon as I spoke to Ian he seemed to know exactly what I wanted. He took the time with me and listened to my concerns. From just speaking to Ian I had every confidence in his ability but it was great that he understood with how I felt. Knowing I was terrified of having treatment he spent a lot of time talking through everything with me, making sure I was aware of exactly what would be involved. 

It took time for me to gather the courage to move forward with my treatment but I never felt pressured or rushed to make a decision. Ian would always tell me to take my time and to give him a call if there was anything I needed to know. He also invited me to bring my husband along to my appointments too, which was excellent as I felt so much better having him there for support. Nothing ever seemed to be a problem for Ian or his team.

Looking back I can’t believe how things have changed. I used to stand in reception shaking like a leaf but now I’ve built such a good relationship with the team at Queensway that I can come in for my appointments, sit and chat to the girls on reception or see the hygienist Sally, without feeling sick with nerves! My smile is amazing too and it’s been worth every penny! I’ve had so many lovely comments about it. I thought it might take a while to get used to but I absolutely love it. I even tell people ‘Look at my new teeth!’

I couldn’t say anything negative about my treatment at all. There have been so many positives I have taken from the whole experience and Ian and the team have been fab throughout!

Ian said “When I first met Chris she was extremely anxious about all aspects of dental care. We spent a considerable amount of time looking at the different options and opted for a fairly minimal approach of crown replacement, tooth whitening and some small white filling replacements.

In anxious patients it’s important to tailor their treatment to their needs and this can only be achieved with a thorough consultation process with a dentist.

Following further diagnostic planning we are really pleased to provide Chris with a smile that suits her and could be delivered with the help of some conscious sedation. We are also very proud of Chris and how she coped in the early stages of working through her dental anxiety.”

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Closing Gaps: Bonding

With concerns about her smile this patient visited Dr William Carter at Queensway Dental clinic. A missing front tooth had caused this her canine tooth to move towards the front of her mouth, making the tips of her teeth look uneven. She also had a gap between her front teeth which she didn’t like. After a consultation with Dr Carter the patient decided to go ahead with a suggested course of treatment involving composite direct veneers.

Dr Carter said ‘Composite direct veneers were placed on the front teeth to alter the size, shape and colour of the teeth. Using composite allowed me to improve the teeth without the need for drilling into healthy enamel or other tooth structures. As a ‘tooth friendly’ treatment composite bonding is also totally reversible if required.”

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Tooth Wear: Dental Implant & Crowns

As a regular patient at Queensway, Rayanne decided to find out more about the options for improving her smile.

“I have been visiting Queensway as an NHS patient for around 10 years. I’d always been conscious of the size of my teeth especially when talking or smiling, so when I discussed my concerns with Dr Paul Howlett he referred me to Dr Lane for a consultation.”

Dr Paul Howlett said “I referred Rayanne to Dr Ian Lane as she had very severe tooth wear and was interested in finding out the options to build them back up.”

“When I visited for my consultation Dr Lane made me feel completely at ease. He was a complete professional and a really great dentist. I trusted that he understood my concerns and knew exactly how he could help me. I didn’t have any worries about going ahead with my treatment as I had every confidence in Dr Lane.”

As she had significant tooth wear, Rayanne’s treatment began with a full mouth bite assessment to evaluate her bite and identify whether the way in which the teeth come together could be improved. Rayanne then had an implant placed in to her upper jaw to support a crown and close the gap in her smile. A further six crowns were then fitted to her front teeth to improve their shape and size. Some ceramic on lays, manufactured at Queensway Dental Laboratory, were then placed on to Rayanne’s back teeth, improving the strength of the teeth and the appearance of old silver fillings. The treatment on the back teeth also helped to improve Rayanne’s bite position.

“I feel like a completely different person after my treatment. I feel so much more confident about being me! I don’t have to have my hand over my mouth when I talk, or feel conscious about not showing any teeth when I smile.”

“The service has been amazing, and completely unfaultable. I have a really busy private life, and the team at the clinic have always been really sympathetic to my situation. They’ve been excellent at supporting me throughout my treatment, making appointments that work for me and rearranging any if necessary. I know that they have really gone out of their way to do what they can for me, and it’s made having treatment so much easier.”

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Dental Anxiety: All-on-4™ & Sedation

“I first came across Queensway Dental Clinic online and as a nervous patient with a lot of dental problems, I was impressed by the treatments on offer and the easy travelling distance from my home. I decided to request a free consultation and this proved to be one of the best decisions I have had to make. From first meeting Dr.Paul Averley I was helped to feel at ease and from that initial consultation I knew I was happy to go ahead with treatment.

Before treatment I had lost a number of my natural teeth and had partial dentures which were ill fitting and uncomfortable. My remaining teeth were stained from years of smoking and I experienced recurring gum problems. At Queensway my treatment involved replacing all my upper teeth with All-on-4™ dental implants and while I have retained some of my lower natural teeth, some have also been replaced with implants. The dental surgery was carried out using conscious sedation and I can honestly say it was a painless and anxiety free experience. Following the procedure, I have continued to receive treatment and advice from dental hygiene staff and I am overjoyed with the results. I cannot believe how it has improved my smile and my confidence.
The service at Queensway is brilliant with a team who really seem to care about the patients. In particular, I need to mention Dr.Averley and Sally but also the dental nurses and the friendly receptionists, all who play a part in delivering the overall service.
As a result of my experience, I will continue to receive my future dental care at Queensway and I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to others.”

Alyson, Blackhall Colliery

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Mini Implants: Denture Retention

With concerns about the fit of her denture Maureen from Sedgefield, visited Queensway Dental Clinic for a consultation with Dr Paul Averley.

“I used to live in Billingham, so I have always been aware of the Queensway. However it wasn’t until I had teeth extracted and was provided with a denture, that I was recommended to see Dr Paul Averley at the clinic. The denture I had felt loose and when I was eating or speaking I could feel it beginning to slip.

I spoke about my treatment options with Dr Averley who suggested mini implants as a solution to my concerns. He explained that they would provide the stability I was looking for when eating and speaking, but would still allow me to remove my denture.

I was confident in Mr Averley’s ability and I was happy that the treatment options he provided me with would give me the solution I was looking for. I chose to go ahead with mini implant treatment which was definitely the best option for me. I am very happy with the results of my treatment now, and feel much more confident about my denture.

The service I received at Queensway has been marvellous, I have been able to make appointments easily and know that if I have any concerns I can speak to the staff about them easily and with confidence.”

Smile Makeover

“I was beginning to have problems with one of the remaining teeth at the back of my mouth, and was scared of losing it. I had been advised by my dentist that it would have to be removed sooner rather than later if it kept causing me problems, so I was interested in finding out what my options would be. My sister had also pointed out that I was beginning to develop a gap between my two front teeth that I hadn’t even noticed! I used to live in Billingham, and as both my partner and I still work there he suggested Queensway to me. It was actually my partner that called in and made me the appointment with Dr Ian Lane.”

“Dr Lane was really good, he explained everything to me so I knew exactly what my options were. I was so confident in what Dr Lane could do to help me that I even visited him to have my tooth removed before I started the rest of my treatment! All of the staff have been great too, from the girls on reception to the nurses, the service has been brilliant.”

After the extraction of her loose tooth Pamela, from Billingham, had a course of treatment with dental therapist Aimee King to stabilise her oral hygiene and improve her overall oral health. This was followed by a course of tooth whitening to improve the colour of her remaining teeth. Two dental implants were then placed in to Pamela’s lower jaw. The implants which would support a ceramic bridge which would close the gap left by the extracted tooth and restore her chewing ability. To complete her treatment Pamela had six crowns fitted to her front teeth, whilst her old silver fillings were replaced with white composite ones.

“I’m so pleased with my smile after treatment, it’s strange to see how it looked before. I’m really happy to show my teeth off now and I’ve even taken my first selfie to show my friends and family my new smile!”

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Crown: Queensway Dental Lab

After an initial consultation Dr Ian Lane suggested replacing Julie’s old crown with a new ceramic crown which would be manufactured by Queensway Dental Laboratory.

Based on site at the clinic in Billingham, Queensway Dental Laboratory work closely with the team at Queensway Dental Clinic to produce a high standard of laboratory work for patients. Having Queensway Dental Laboratory on-site meant that Julie was able to benefit from an entirely bespoke service throughout each of the stages of her treatment.

The process of creating the new crown began with an initial shade take of the tooth to give laboratory technician, Dean Brew, a shade guide from which to work. A full contour wax up on to a model of Julie’s teeth was then created. The wax up is then cut back and pressed, creating a ceramic sub structure. The cut back allows for a ceramic build up using dentine’s, enamel’s and a combination of opal and translucent effects found in a natural tooth, before it is fired, shaped and contoured. The crown can then be stained and glazed to produce the final restoration.

Queensway Dental Laboratory invest heavily in the latest equipment and techniques including Ivoclar Vivadent furnaces such as an EPS5000 pressing furnace used to process this type of crown restoration (E.max).

Julie returned to the laboratory during the final build up process allowing Dean to directly match the crown with Julie’s front anterior tooth.

Dean said “When creating Julie’s crown my main aim, particularly as it was a central incisor (front tooth), was to create a match as close as possible to the teeth either side of the restoration, restoring Julie’s smile and ensuring the most aesthetically pleasing result possible.”

About her treatment Julie said “I had been thinking about having my crown replaced previously but had always though it would be too expensive. I had also felt slightly worried about treatment, knowing what having my previous crown fitted was like. However I can honestly say I have never had a dental treatment like it, from start to finish it was excellent. I was nervous about how long I would have to wear the temporary crown for, but even the temporary crown was better than my original!”

“It was a really encouraging experience knowing that the dental team work so closely with the dental laboratory. Having Dean take the shade himself made me feel like they were really going the extra mile and spending the time to make something perfect for me. He even told me that my teeth where the whitest on the natural colour scale, which made my day! Now I have had the crown fitted I couldn’t be more pleased. It looks perfect, just like a natural tooth. I couldn’t believe how great the match was. I would tell anyone who was conscious of something like this to just go for it and book a consultation.”

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Complex Case: Implants, Composite bonding & Tooth Whitening

After visiting Dr Will Carter to discuss concerns about missing teeth and the appearance of her smile, this patient decided to go ahead with a course of treatment which would restore her smile by improving both the appearance and the function of the teeth.

To begin treatment the patient had unhealthy teeth removed, before implants where placed in to her top jaw.  The implants were used to support temporary crowns and bridges, allowing healing time before the final restorations could be produced by Queensway Dental Lab. The patient then had further implants placed in to her lower jaw. A total of 10 dental implants were placed during treatment, allowing the patient to keep her remaining healthy teeth.

After 3 months the final bridges and crowns were placed, before the patient began a course of tooth whitening to improve the colour of her remaining teeth.  To complete her smile Dr Carter then used composite bonding to improve the shape of the front teeth.

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Dental Implant: Trauma

Sarah visited Queensway Dental Clinic to see Dr Paul Averley following a recommendation made by a family member.

“I had a cycling accident in August 2012 where I went over my handlebars and landed on my chin knocking out one of my front teeth and killing the other at the root with the impact. As the success of the procedure would permanently affect the way I look and it was quite a big, complicated and traumatic job, I wanted to go somewhere I trusted and Paul was highly recommended.”

Sarah’s accident led to the loss of one front tooth and severe damage to the other one. Following an initial consultation, Dr Paul Averley suggested a treatment plan for Sarah which involved root canal treatment to restore the damaged tooth. Root canal treatment would avoid the need for extraction, meaning a veneer could be placed on to the tooth to improve its appearance. An implant supported crown was then placed to close the space left by the missing tooth.

“My front teeth have always been quite long and had white stains on them so my new teeth are even better than before my accident! People often comment on how good a job had been done, they look so natural. The service I received from Queensway was consistently good throughout the whole process.  I would definitely recommend Queensway Dental Clinic to anyone.”

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Composite Bonding

Concerned with the appearance of her smile Claire visited Queensway Dental Clinic after a recommendation from her sister.

“I came to Queensway Dental Clinic for an initial consultation with Dr Will Carter, and I was really happy with the treatment plan he provided for me. I paid for my treatment interest free over 12 months which was a really convenient option for me, and made the cost of treatment completely manageable.”


Dr Will Carter’s treatment plan for Claire involved direct bonding onto the front teeth to change both their colour and contour. This would also reduce the gaps between the teeth meaning Claire would not require veneers or braces to complete her smile.


“Having a new smile has made such a difference to me. The service I received at Queensway was fantastic, all of the staff were really friendly. I would definitely recommend Queensway to anyone with concerns about their smile!”

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Concerned with the wear to his teeth and the appearance of his old mismatched fillings this patient visited Dr Uzma Olbrich for an initial consultation.

Suffering from severe decay throughout the patient saw both Uzma and a hygienist at Queensway Dental Clinic regularly in order to stabilise the decay before any further treatment was carried out.  Both the aesthetic appearance and function of the upper arch where then improved with the fitting of crowns.


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Crowns, Bridges & Composite Build Ups

Peter had initially been referred to Queensway by his family dentist, however with running his own business time constraints had meant Peter didn’t proceed with his appointment straight away.

After further thought Peter began researching to find a dentist who could provide a solution to the problems he had with his smile.

“My teeth were in a bad state, and I was beginning to have more problems when eating. I had realised that I was likely to need major dental work which encouraged me to look for a dentist able to carry out the treatment, which was why I came back to Queensway.”

Peter visited Dr Paul Averley for an initial consultation and was suggested a treatment plan which would involve both upper ceramic crowns and bridge work, composite build ups and a lower partial denture.

“I chose to go ahead with the recommended treatment as after meeting Dr Averley, I felt completely confident that both he and the Queensway team could deliver exactly what they said they could. Everything about my treatment was explained to me fully beforehand so I understood what was involved and what to expect throughout.”

Peter’s treatment took just over 4 months. With both his partial chrome denture, crown and bridge work manufactured on-site at Queensway Dental Laboratory.

“I am over the moon with my teeth and smile after completing treatment. It has been a total transformation. I was always cynical about the effect something like this could have on a person. I would see advertisements in which people would talk about the transformation they had experienced and would always take them with a pinch of salt, however I am now the person who says that! As a business man I meet and speak to people daily, and I now enjoy smiling and flashing my teeth at people.”

“The service I received at Queensway was excellent, Paul and his nurse Jade were very good. I have already recommended Queensway to friends and family.”

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Veneers following trauma

After falling from his bike and suffering trauma to his front teeth, Mark was referred by his family dentist to Queensway Dental Clinic for a consultation with Dr Will Carter. Dr Carter has an MSc in cosmetic restorative dentistry and has built a good reputation for quality ethical dentistry.
Marks fall had severely damaged his 4 front teeth, which for Mark’s smile meant ‘There wasn’t one!’ Mark had had temporary fillings placed after the original trauma to his teeth however he was unhappy with them as they discoloured regularly and looked unsightly.
After an initial consultation Dr Carter recommended a course of treatment which would involve placing 4 ceramic veneers on to Marks 4 front teeth, this would restore Marks smile and also mean he has no pain from his teeth whilst with his veneers he has less chance of them coming off compared to his old temporary fillings. Happy with the proposed treatment plan, Mark went ahead with his treatment.
Upon completion of treatment, which took two weeks, Mark said: “I am very happy with the treatment and service I received from Dr Carter and the team at Queensway Dental Clinic. Dr Carter has made a 100% improvement to my smile! I would definitely recommend Queensway Dental Clinic to anyone, even if their worries are minor, I don’t believe any concern would be too small!”
Mark will now return to his family dentist for his ongoing dental care.

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All on 4

After being referred to Queensway Dental Clinic by her dentist Carole saw a hygienist at the clinic before seeing Dr Will Carter. Carole’s treatment plan involved the removal of her top teeth, which were damaged and loose, and the placement of 4 implants in her upper jaw. These 4 implants would then support a permanent full upper arch bridge of 10 teeth meaning Carole would not have to wear a removable denture. As Carole had a limited amount of bone available the All on 4™ treatment was a great solution as she wouldn’t have been suitable for traditional implants.

“The staff at Queensway are excellent and definitely the most professional outfit I have come across, Will and the team were great. I’m very happy with the results of my treatment, I now visit Queensway Dental Clinic as a regular patient, and it’s the friendliest dentist I have come across.”


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Veneers & Tooth Whitening

After hearing about Queensway Dental Clinic through work colleagues, David booked an initial consultation with Dr Uzma Olbrich.

David said “I’d always been self-conscious about my smile from being a teenager mainly due to the prominent gap in my two front teeth. I’d always wanted to get my smile corrected but had never got around to it. When the bridge on the top row of my teeth cracked I decided to get my whole smile improved instead of just having the bridge fixed.”

Dr Uzma Olbrich suggested a treatment plan for David which included a course of tooth whitening, veneers to the anterior teeth and also the replacement of the cracked bridge. This course of treatment would brighten the teeth and in particular even out the colour of the lower teeth. The placement of veneers to David’s anterior teeth would reduce the space between his two front teeth whilst also improving the shape and size of those on each side. Replacement of the bridge would benefit David both functionally and aesthetically.

“I visited Queensway Dental Clinic a few months before my wedding. I wanted to be able to smile with confidence on my wedding photos and after talking with Dr Uzma Olbrich I was assured that treatment could be completed prior to my wedding day.”

Happy with the proposed treatment plan David went ahead with his treatment. The manufacture of the veneers and bridge was completed on site at Queensway Dental Laboratory, ensuring both the quality of the lab items and the production times.

“My treatment was complete before my wedding day and I was able to enjoy the day even more than I’d expected due to the added confidence my new teeth gave me. I beamed with pride on my wedding photos, which was amazing because for 35 years prior to that I’d always been very nervous when asked to smile for a camera.”

David is now a regular patient at Queensway Dental Clinic, seeing Dr Uzma Olbrich for his routine dental appointments.

“The staff at Queensway were excellent and I would recommend then without hesitation. They changed my teeth, which changed my smile, which changed my life. I’ll always be grateful to them.”

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