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I was referred to Queensway for sedation as I needed root canal treatment and a replacement crown. I had struggled to manage treatment with numbing injections and several bad experiences had left me with no confidence in the dentist and completely terrified of treatment.

I saw Mr Averley at the clinic who was lovely, really nice. Everyone at the clinic was, from stepping through the door it was a completely different experience.

I now see Dr Ian Lane at the clinic, and my experience has been nothing but fantastic. I think my fear was more a fear of the unknown, but Ian always explains to me exactly what is going to happen.

I have attended my last few appointments by myself and am really proud to say that I even had my last treatment without sedation! I have now joined Queensway as a regular patient of Dr Ian Lane, along with my daughter, who is 4.

Nicola, Middlesbrough

Queensway was recommended to me by a friend. My front tooth was knocked out when I was a child and as time went on it got worse. I didn’t like the appearance of my teeth, which were slightly crooked and I really wanted them straightening. I had been considering dental treatment for some time however I hadn’t gone ahead with anything due to my fear of visiting the dentist. So on my friend’s recommendation I decided to visit Queensway to see if they could help.

On visiting the practice both Dr Averley and orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming were fab! They both understood my anxiety about visiting they dentist and were both very sympathetic to my concerns, explaining everything thoroughly and making me feel at ease. My treatment involved wearing fixed braces for just over a year. I then had an implant to replace my missing front tooth.

I love my smile now after treatment. My treatment has worked out exactly how both Dr Averley and Dr Deeming said it would, and I’m so happy with the results. All of the staff were fantastic, and really friendly.

I travel around 40 minutes to get to Queensway but it’s completely worth the distance, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Anonymous, Barnard Castle

I had visited Queensway before with my daughter, who had had sedation treatment at the clinic. So when I began experiencing problems with my dentures I decided to book an appointment for myself. I was really unhappy with the fit of my dentures as they felt constantly loose, even after applying denture sealant.

I came for an appointment with Dr Paul Averley, who discussed all of the possible options with me, one of which was mini implants. I went away from my appointment happy with my choices and decided to carry out a bit more research before making a decision. I even shopped around to see what the options available at other practices were. However it was the skill and knowledge that Dr Averley showed which brought me back to Queensway.

The service at Queensway has been really good. I feel so much more confident now I have completed my treatment. Throughout every stage Dr Averley has been lovely, and his nurse Jade is great, and really kind. I would recommend them and the clinic to anyone!

Brenda, Middlesbrough

I knew it was time for something to be done with my teeth, especially my smile, but I was unsure what. A friend of mine, who is a patient at Queensway, suggested I go there and have a consultation, and it was the best decision I could have made.

I had a crown on one of my front teeth (the original tooth had been knocked out by a hockey stick many moons ago) which was becoming very slack and discoloured. I had also had a front bottom tooth removed, leaving me with a gap. All in all I needed help in finding out what was possible and what the best course of treatment would be.

After my consultation with Dr Paul Averley I felt relieved, and pleased that something could be done. We agreed upon a plan of action and the treatment I received following this was brilliant! I had 3 crowns, 2 implants for my two top front teeth, and a new bottom tooth, plus frequent visits to the hygienist.

The treatment I received was excellent, everyone at Queensway was friendly and professional, giving me every confidence that the agreed treatment would produce the results that previously I could only have hoped for.

A year down the line, and I am so pleased with all the effort the team have put in to get me on the right track, I am confident with my smile, and know if I maintain my hygiene regime that all will be well for the future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Queensway to anyone and everyone.

Eunice, Billingham

With concerns about her loose fitting denture, Linda from Middlesbrough, visited Queensway Dental Clinic for a consultation with Dr Paul Averley.

“I was having problems with the fit of my upper denture, which was very loose. I was finding eating and talking very difficult and had become really conscious of it. I began looking online for solutions and was contemplating going abroad for treatment until I came across Queensway Dental Clinic. After looking at the treatment options Queensway offered, I read the testimonials from other people in my position and was really impressed with what they had to say. The profiles of the dentists were also on the website and reading their experience and expertise was what made up my mind to book an appointment.

My initial consultation was with Dr Averley, who explained all the treatment options to me and gave me a treatment plan to take home. I chose to go ahead with mini implant treatment under conscious sedation, as this option would give me the stability I was looking for when eating and talking but also meant my denture could still be removed.

Dr Averley was marvellous throughout my treatment. True to his word, everything he said he would do, he did, so I knew exactly what to expect. All the staff were absolutely lovely.  I was so impressed with the level of service and professionalism!

I’m absolutely over the moon with the results of my treatment, it’s given me a whole new confidence. I would avoid going out before my treatment as I was so conscious of my denture, but not anymore. I can honestly say that the treatment has changed my life. Reading other peoples’ stories and testimonials really helped me to make a decision about my treatment, which is why I wanted to share mine.”

Linda, Middlesbrough

I made an appointment at Queensway Dental Clinic after it had been recommended to me by a friend. I was looking to have my bridge, which had cracked, replaced. I felt I had explored all the options available to me on the NHS and was looking for something else.

Both Dr Averley and his nurse were very professional, and I was happy with the recommendations he made for my treatment. Mr Averley suggested a treatment plan to me which involved replacing the bridge and giving me back teeth to bite on which I went ahead with.

Everyone has remarked on the difference my dental treatment has made.

The service I received at Queensway was very professional and all my appointments were made very quickly. The friend who initially recommended me is also returning to Queensway for treatment.

David, Hartlepool

“I’d made a few visits to my regular dentist for routine dental work which had left me feeling slightly anxious about going back. I had begun to feel sensitivity in my tooth when eating chocolate and instead of making an appointment to go back I tried to manage the sensitivity myself. When the time came for my routine check-up I finally told the dentist about the pain I was experiencing and he explained to me that I needed a filling. Several visits later, the whole experience had left me in a lot of pain and with an overwhelming fear of the dentist. I had begun taking my husband or mum along to appointments with me for support even this didn’t help with my anxiety. After one particular visit I got back in to the car after my appointment and on the radio was an advert for people anxious about dental treatment. The advert described how Queensway could help people who have a fear of the dentist. Hearing the advert was completely coincidental as it was on a radio station I don’t usually listen to!

I visited the Queensway website that weekend and completed an online enquiry form. I was so impressed with the response. I had expected to fill out the form and not hear anything but the receptionist called me back first thing Monday morning which put me at ease straight away. She was great on the phone and explained everything to me and invited me along for a free consultation.

As I was really anxious about coming to the clinic I brought my two children along knowing that if they were there I would have something else to concentrate on. Having sat in the waiting room in a cold sweat, I was called in to the surgery. The nurses made me feel so much more at ease straight away. Mr Averley spoke to me in the kindest, most empathetic and gentle way and out of relief I burst in to tears!

Knowing that I was anxious, he invited me to take a seat in the dentist chair which I found very reassuring. His whole manner in making me feel at ease was phenomenal.

I had x rays taken and was given a treatment plan. Mr Averley went through everything step by step, even drawing a diagram to help explain. Everything I needed was given to me to take home. I also saw the treatment advisor at the clinic who went through the different finance options with me. Being anxious, visiting the dentist was always a lot to take in, which is why I found it great to have everything to take home. It allowed me to sit down with my husband and go through everything in my own time.

I decided to go ahead with my treatment at Queensway and although I was still nervous arriving for my next appointment I found there was completely nothing to worry about. I had sedation to have a molar root treatment and all I can remember beforehand is listening to Mr Averleys voice explaining to me what he was doing before the sedation took effect. Waking up from the treatment, I couldn’t believe it was all over, I felt like it had happened so quickly.

Not long after beginning my treatment I met a family friend out one day and noticed she was wearing braces. Coincidentally she sees Mr Averley as her regular dentist and told me that she wouldn’t go anywhere else, which confirmed to me that I’d made the right decision.

My sons are NHS patients at the clinic where they see therapist Rebecca Mouat. They aren’t nervous about visiting the dentist in the slightest. In fact, they love visiting the clinic and don’t stop talking about it after they have been to see her!

Every aspect of the service I received at Queensway has been excellent from beginning to end. As soon as I enter the clinic I am greeted with a smile and a hello from the reception team and while these might seem like the simplest things, it’s all of these little things that make the service superb. Overcoming anxiety or fear of dental treatment doesn’t just begin and end with the dentist themselves, it’s about the whole experience. I may still sit in the waiting room with clammy hands but it’s nowhere near the anxiety I used to feel because I trust the team completely.”

Louise, Billingham

After a referral to Queensway Elisabeth visited the clinic for a consultation with Dr Paul Averley. Concerned about her bottom teeth, Elisabeth was looking for advice on dental implants.

“My lower teeth were in a dreadful state. I had several teeth missing at the back, and the remaining teeth I had at the front were very uneven and in poor shape.”

After a consultation with Dr Averley and specialist maxillofacial surgeon Mr Rob Banks, Elisabeth was recommended a treatment plan which would provide a long term, permanent solution to her concerns.

“I felt like Paul was telling me the truth, and I trusted him completely which was a huge factor in why I chose to go ahead with my treatment at Queensway.”

As a suitable patient for All on 4™ treatment Elisabeth’s treatment involved the fitting of a full arch of lower teeth on to 4 implants placed in her jaw. Carried out by Dr Averley and Mr Rob Banks, with her bridgework manufactured on-site at Queensway Dental laboratory, Elisabeth was able to leave the clinic with a fully fixed non removable lower arch of teeth on the same day.

“I had lived without teeth at the back of my mouth for donkey’s years so the difference was amazing! I had initially been nervous about my treatment but I am now considering a fixed implant solution for my upper teeth too. I would only ever return to Paul and Rob for treatment and highly recommend them both, not only for their skill and expertise but because I trusted them. Everyone at Queensway was great, I keep asking myself ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

“I live around 30 minutes from the clinic but am more than happy to travel to visit Queensway as service and treatment I have received there is excellent.”

Elisabeth now visits Paul on a regular basis to ensure her implant supported bridgework is well maintained.

Elisabeth, Co Durham

“After losing my two front teeth to infection I was devastated with the outcome and felt both unhappy and self-conscious wearing a denture. My husband and I spent time researching online before booking an appointment at Queensway Dental Clinic with Dr Paul Averley.”

“I had visited another dental practice as well as Queensway Dental Clinic before I made my decision to go ahead with treatment. I chose Queensway Dental Clinic not only because I was extremely happy with my proposed treatment plan, but also because of Dr Averley. He was confident in what he would be able to achieve and made me feel completely at ease, which was important to me as a nervous patient. Both his personality and professionalism really came across when speaking to him, and my husband and I found this reassuring.”

The treatment plan included rehabilitation of a failing smile and included new smile design and ceramic non-metal frame bridge work supported by teeth and dental implants. The overall treatment took just over one year to complete.

 “During treatment I felt safe in the hands of Dr Averley and his nurse, Jade. He always took the time to explain each stage of the treatment to me, and I felt at ease knowing what to expect throughout. I am over the moon with the results of my treatment. Dr Averley told me he would be able to give me my smile back and he kept his promise and did just that. I can’t stop looking in the mirror, my husband is even jealous of my smile!”

Patient, Middlesbrough

In the past few years I have had crowns fitted to me teeth which proved unsuccessful. I was advised to consult Ian Lane at Queensway Dental Clinic. Several options were offered to me and explained thoroughly, I also received a written treatment plan. I eventually decided on implants. Each procedure was carefully explained to me and I am extremely pleased with the results . I can now eat with confidence and comfort. The attitude of all the staff was exemplary and I have no hesitation in recommending Queensway Dental Clinic.

Mr McLean, Billingham

I have recently attended the clinic for two appointments; one to have two crowns removed and one to have replacement crowns fitted.

The dentist who treated me on both occasions was Dr Paul Averely. It cannot be understated how exceptional the treatment I received was on both occasions. Quite simply Dr Averley is the best dentist I’ve ever seen in my life. I experienced no anxiety, pain or discomfort in any of the procedures and considering I am a very nervous patient with extremely sensitive teeth, this is some achievement on Dr Averley’s part.

The new crowns I have are excellent and are a considerable improvement on my previous crowns. Even on close inspection you would never know that they are crowns, the quality of work and materials used are exceptional; they look and feel like real teeth.

I can bite and chew properly now and can smile with confidence since the final procedure. The procedure has had a massive positive impact on my life.

All credit must go to Dr Averley and the team for the work. Many thanks and if I ever need any more work doing I would not hesitate to return to the clinic or recommend the clinic to friends and family. Keep up the good work…..

Andrew, Middlesbrough

After going to a couple of dentists in London and not being absolutely satisfied with the outcome, a friend recommended Queensway to me, and travelling to Billingham from the south was worth every trip. The treatment I received was beyond all my expectations. The dentures are spot on for comfort and the teeth are exactly the right shape and colour. Nobody would ever suspect they weren’t my own. 

Joseph, London

Thank you for all your efforts in making my treatment as easy and painless as possible. Nice to visit a clean, efficient, thorough & friendly organisation in today’s system.

Julie, Barnard Castle

I suffered from my lower dentures constantly coming loose, stopping me from eating what I wanted and falling out at extremely embarrassing times. I eventually made the decision to get the Mini Dental Implants and since the treatment my life has completely changed, as I have more confidence and never need to worry about my teeth anymore. It was worth every penny and I’d recommend the procedure to anyone. I’m actually going back in March to get my upper implants fitted.

Mary, Saltburn-on-Sea

Hi Paul – I would just like to thank you for the way in which you treated me recently in regards to my dental care. I am more than likely the worst patient possible due to the dental phobia that I have but you were very understanding and caring in this regard. The pleasure I have now on a daily basis in having a nice smile is due to your dentistry skill and also to your knowledge and understanding of my thoughts and fears. Now I feel confident to visit the dentist on an ongoing basis and keep that smile intact. Again many thanks.

Richard, Linthorpe

I had been thinking about implants for quite a number of years. I kept putting it off because I knew that it would be expensive, however another extraction galvanised me into action and my dentist referred me to the Queensway Dental Clinic.

This was a very happy experience. I was seen by Dr. Ian Lane, one of the partners and he examined me and explained in detail what would be involved. I decided to go for guided surgery of four implants. The main factors being Dr. Lane’s enthusiasm for this particular method and the fact that there was a real possibility of having the gaps filled immediately during surgery with temporary bridges.

There were quite a number of visits for Ian to do all the preparations needed before surgery, none of which involved any pain for me. Surgery day arrived and I was given sedation which kept me conscious but pain free, it really was a very successful method. The wonderful thing was that the most noticeable gap was filled with temporary teeth so I could smile while waiting for the permanent ones!

I now have the permanent bridges and I am very pleased. I can smile, eat and talk with confidence and without embarrassment. Thinking over the whole process I understand now why it is expensive. The amount of work, skill and care that is required by the surgeon and his team is considerable and impressive.

Caroline, Billingham

After noticing my tooth had turned grey and the nerve had died, I was extremely worried and disappointed. After I discussed the problem with Dr Ian lane I realised that I needed a root canal treatment which was pain free thanks to the team at Queensway. Following the root canal treatment I had had internal tooth bleaching to correct the colour of the front tooth. The treatment was simple and effective and now my tooth is perfect. I would recommend this simple treatment to anyone. Thank you.

David, Middlesbrough

Grateful thanks to Dr Olbrich and staff for making my ‘ordeal’ recently so much less stressful than expected. I am looking forward to showing my ‘smile’ again after a 30-year phobia of dentists.

Joanna, Middlesbrough

I attended Queensway for the first time this year and the standard of work and sophistication was superb. Having my crowns replaced after many years was a nervous and apprehensive time for me. However the quality of your work soon eased these feelings for me. I became comfortable very quickly as I knew I was in safe hands.

I would like to say a huge thank you for what you have done for me. You have boosted my confidence and I am always being complimented by others: they think my new crowns look out of this world. Last year you gave me two fantastic gifts: a new smile and a brighter future.

Sarah, Cleveland

I had been wearing dentures for about two years. The lower denture would work loose sometimes, despite the use of various adhesives etc. This could sometimes happen at the most inappropriate times. At one of my check ups Paul Averley mentioned implants to me. Initially I was put off by the cost and surgery. After some consideration I returned to the practice, mini implants were discussed and I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Four mini implants were placed and within a week of placement I knew I had made the right decision. I now feel more confident when talking and look forward to meals out in restaurants. There is very little I can’t eat… the dentures stay very secure.

Paul, Yarm

I recently had dental implants fitted by Paul Averley; having always had a fear of the dentist this was something I was unsure of and dreading. In the event it was a much easier process than I anticipated – the care before, during and after treatment was exceptional, from a detailed initial meeting where a plan was drawn up and the process carefully explained through to aftercare which has been readily available. The treatment itself was handled with sensitivity and sedation was available which made the treatment pass quickly without distress. Having the implants has made a major difference to me in that it has boosted my self esteem and I would recommend this process to any one considering this treatment.

Alison, Saltburn-on-Sea

I had standard dentures for many years which were very uncomfortable through wear and tear they often slipped causing embarrassment. Eating was at times difficult particularly if food particles got lodged under the palate. Crusty bread and nutty things caused significant problems and I usually avoided them. After losing my teeth due to gum disease it was clear that I was unable to retain a lower denture so I made the decision to have a denture with two implants.The benefit from this type of denture is significantly better as I am confident when eating in a restaurant enjoying steak which I could not eat previously and i have not to worry about dentures moving when talking, its like having permanent teeth and it has changed my life positively.

Les, Billingham

Having dental implants is sometimes illustrated as a scary procedure, but in my experience Dr Averley and his team made me feel at ease throughout the treatment. I am now much more confident about showing my teeth, especially when I smile or laugh, and most certainly would recommend this treatment to others.

Anita, Washington

I attended Queensway Dental Clinic to discuss the implant replacement for my failing upper front tooth. Following a thorough assessment with Mr Lane, I received a written treatment plan explaining the options for my implant care and the alternatives to replace my broken upper front tooth. Ian explained that the gum was thin in this area due to the infection and a small bone graph may be required to improve the gum width and implant support. The surgery was carried out a couple of weeks later and there was no pain during the procedure. The area was uncomfortable for 3 – 4 days and the gum was a little bit swollen. A temporary crown was placed after a couple of months to allow the gum to heal in a natural way and the final all-ceramic crown was placed 7 months after the implant surgery. I also opted for some tooth whitening to brighten my smile and give a natural cosmetic improvement.

Dr. M, Hartlepool

From being a teenager I had longed for straight teeth, my own teeth were un-even and my mouth over crowded. When cosmetic dentistry became affordable I started to seriously consider looking further into this treatment but I was very apprehensive and nervous about what to expect. I had been a patient at Queensway for a number of years so I decided to discuss cosmetic dentistry and my concerns with my dentist Mr Paul Averley. Paul sat down and talked to me: he removed my concerns and then went on to discuss a variety of treatment plans available to me. I was also given the opportunity to discuss my treatment with an orthodontist. All the information given to me was clear, concise and without obligation, allowing me to relax and make a decision on the correct treatment for myself and my budget.

My treatment is now complete and I cannot believe the transformation when looking at photographs of my teeth before treatment and after. I have so much more self confidence and I am very pleased with my new smile. I would recommend Queensway to anyone considering cosmetic dental treatment: the atmosphere is relaxed and all the staff very friendly and approachable.

Lynn, Hemlington

My dental history is not positive, although I tried to care for my teeth using almost every dental product available from chemists, nevertheless in my early ’50s I found my teeth beginning to loosen. I summoned the courage to visit a dentist only to be told they would pull out all my teeth – I never returned. Throughout my life I avoided going to a dentist whenever possible and the previous experiences of dental treatment I had could be summed up in three words, fear, pain and misery. Seven years past and I was at the point where I had lost a number of teeth. After several months of research I made an appointment with Ian Lane at Queensway Clinic. From the moment the consultation began he really listened, treated me as an individual, gave me options and instilled in me a feeling of confidence in him. I have now had several appointments with him and the treatment I have received is superb.

I now attend appointments feeling relaxed and confident, in fact my experiences at Queensway can be summed up as reassuring, pain-free, and optimistic. As a result of the treatment, the way I look has changed dramatically, I have absolutely beautiful teeth and it is a joy to smile, laugh, talk and eat without embarrassment. Most of all I deeply value his approach and the way this has helped me overcome my fear of dental treatment. I would strongly encourage anyone with negative experiences and a fear of dentists to make an appointment; I only wish I had discovered Ian years ago.

Eleanor, Cleveland

I had not been happy with my teeth for many years but never felt confident enough to do anything about it. My neighbour told me about the dentist she had been to see and how pleased she was, that was Queensway Dental Clinic. I decided it was time for me to do something about my teeth so I made my appointment with Ian Lane for an assessment. Ian suggested a brace, that was what I didn’t want. I wanted a quick fix. He then suggested I go and meet Guy Deeming, the orthodontist. I thought this is not for me but after a chat with Guy I knew it was right for me after all.

I have now worn my brace for one year and cannot believe the change in my teeth, they just keep getting better. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I cannot wait to see the final result when my brace comes off. I am really pleased I met Ian and Guy that day and a big thank you to them both.

Joy, Billingham

Faced with a necessary front tooth removal there were various options to fill the gap. I tried a denture and was offered the alternative of a “bridge” or an implant. I opted for the implant and am delighted with the result. It looks like a natural tooth and feels like one in the mouth. It was well worth it and I would strongly recommend others to consider this alternative.

Alice, Walling

Just a short note to tell you how delighted I am with the care I have received at the Queensway Surgery by yourself, the dental nurses and receptionists. Everybody is so pleasant and understanding (very important to someone like me that gets anxious about dental treatment). After consultation you advised lava crowns and valplast dentures, the lava crowns look beautiful and natural complimented by the flexible valplast dentures. These also feel natural in the mouth and also no plastic over the roof of the mouth feels great. It’s nice to be able to smile again!

Claire, Cleveland

I had been having trouble with my bottom teeth for some time, infections, looseness of the teeth and toothache. I found dentures a problem. They rarely stayed in place and limited the choice of food I could eat in public. I heard about implant. A friend had had his teeth replaced with implants and he said how good they were.

I decided to have this remedy. I had all my remaining bottom teeth removed and began the process of having a complete bottom bridge. During the intermediate stages I was provided with temporary dentures (which were in fact very good). At the end of the process I was provided with a complete bottom bridge of implants.

I have found them to be excellent. I decided to have them so I can remove them for cleaning. This is very easy and when they are in place they are stable and comfortable. I am not aware that I have implants while in use. They just feel like normal teeth without the discomfort I had formerly. I can eat whatever I wish and they stay in place. I am very pleased with them, and would recommend the treatment to anyone who is having the same problems as I was.

I have nothing but praise for the dentist and his staff who made this possible.

John, Yarm

Dear Dr Lane,

I’m writing to offer our huge gratitude to yourself and the team, with regards to your recent treatment of our Daughter, Ellie, who was experiencing a great deal of pain due to an abscess in her mouth.

We would normally have visited our local dentist, however, we were informed by the Dentist that Ellie would simply have been referred to hospital to be placed under general anaesthetic to have the problem tooth removed, action which I thought particularly dramatic and potentially traumatising for Ellie. I therefore, researched alternative treatment methods via the internet, which is where we came across the Queensway dental practice, as it was very clear from recent testimonials that you have pioneered a safe and significantly less traumatic conscious sedation technique.

I can honestly say, that what would normally have been an extremely difficult process, was made simple, comfortable and Ellie was given the utmost care and consideration at all times. The process took no longer than 10 minutes, significantly less than general anaesthetic alternative and Ellie was back to her energetic self within a couple of hours.

I therefore, highly recommend Queensway Dental Practice and once again thank Dr Lane and his term for their care and support.

Kind Regards,
The Wilsons

The Wilsons, Teesside