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Gum Contouring

To make sure that not only your teeth but also your gums enhance your smile, you may benefit from some gum contouring. This contouring may range from simply removing some of the gum tissue to improve a ‘gummy’ smile to the more complex removal of both bone and gum tissue.

Gummy smiles are a common problem, caused by overgrowth of the gum tissue that then covers the teeth. This makes gums appear too visible, or simply too big, when smiling. This can cause a smile to look crooked or lop-sided, or make the teeth seem smaller than the gums.

Gummy smiles can be corrected easily with a simple procedure known as cosmetic gum lifting or gum contouring.

As part of our ‘smile design’ approach for people who show gum when they smile we are able to ensure symmetry to enhance the overall outcome. This is done as a simple procedure under anaesthetic and something we can discuss with the patients on a case by case basis.

These teeth were damaged by wear, acid erosion and heavy brushing with abrasive toothpastes and some clenching. After carrying out some preventative advice and treatment to reduce this patients risk of further damage Dr Will Carter then changed the visual length of the teeth by re contouring the gum this process is often called ‘crown lengthening’ or ‘gum re contouring’ , it can be carried out using electro quartery device, laser or traditional surgery, the enamel and sentinel was then repaired using ceramic bonded to the teeth to give a healthy middle aged appearance.

Free consultations

To allow you to make an informed decision whether gum contouring is the right choice for you, we are offering new patients a free gum contouring consultation.

In the consultation you will receive a bespoke treatment plan with gum contouring options and costs. Working together, we can help you to make informed decisions about your mouth, your teeth and your smile.

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