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Gum Treatment

After tooth decay, gum disease is the most common ailment to affect humans, with approximately 80% of adults believed to suffer from some form of gum disease. Contrary to popular belief, gum disease does not ultimately lead to tooth loss and with early diagnosis and treatment it is possible to arrest gum disease and maintain teeth for a lifetime.

Sadly gum disease or periodontitis, as it is known, is not always detected at an early stage. As it is generally symptom free it can progress unnoticed for many years, and may not become apparent until it is too late.


Periodontics is the branch of dentistry dedicated to treating gum disease. Our experienced and highly skilled periodontal team is able to offer gum health screening to enable early detection of gum disease and provide the most appropriate care programme.

Research has shown that gum disease has been linked to other chronic inflammatory condition such as heart disease and diabetes.

For individuals who are anxious about receiving treatment, our full range of anxiety management services is available.

Fresh Breath Clinic

Halitosis, or bad breath as it is commonly known, is thought to affect up to 50% of the population. Friends, family or work colleagues do not always feel comfortable communicating about an individual’s bad breath. It can negatively impact on our confidence and our ability to interact at home and at work.

90% of all halitosis originates from the mouth. Some is secondary to gum disease, but some is as a result of bacteria, which live on the surface of the tongue. In a small number of cases the odour originates from a source other than the mouth and can even be associated with underlying systemic disease.

At Queensway Dental Clinic we are able to offer a fresh breath screening service. Using our OralChroma device, we are able to analyse the source of your bad breath and offer a comprehensive range of treatment options.

Cosmetic and regenerative periodontal surgery

In some instances, where more significant disease is present, it is not possible to arrest gum disease by thorough deep cleaning alone. However, we are able to offer the most up to date microsurgical techniques and use tried and tested biomaterials to provide predictable results with minimal trauma to the gum tissue. In certain instances it is possible to reverse some of the damage with regenerative procedures.

Unsightly and sensitive exposed roots can be covered to rejuvenate and restore the appearance of your smile.

From the reception team to the dentists, I’ve found Queensway friendly and professional: I’ve always been treated with respect and understanding.’

John, Middlesbrough

Free consultations

To allow you to make an informed decision whether gum treatment is the right choice for you, we are offering free new patient consultation with Dr Mike Barnett.

Working together, we will help you to make informed decisions about your mouth, your teeth and your smile.

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