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Enamel (Composite) Bonding


Enamel bonding (Composite bonding) is an effective way to enhance your smile and can be used to restore chipped or broken teeth, improve their shape or close small gaps between the teeth. It is also an effective solution for treating sensitive teeth.

A tooth coloured resin is bonded to the teeth to mask imperfections or improve their shape, giving a completely natural looking smile.

Before & After

White Fillings


Silver or discoloured fillings can be noticeable when you smile and may look unsightly. Traditionally carried out using silver coloured amalgam material, fillings can now be made much more natural looking.

By replacing old fillings with a tooth coloured composite, fillings in both front and back teeth can be made to look barely noticeable, brightening your smile.


Free Consultation

To allow you to make an informed decision whether enamel bonding is the right choice for you, we are offering new patients a free cosmetic dentistry consultation which will allow you to discuss your options with a dentist.

At the consultation you will receive a bespoke treatment plan with costs. Working together, we can help you to make informed decisions about your mouth, your teeth and your smile.

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