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Oral Surgery


Queensway Durham & Darlington Oral Surgery Service (QDDOSS) and Queensway Teesside Oral Surgery Service (QTOSS) are both NHS services for people needing oral surgery procedures carried out in the County Durham, Darlington and Tees regions.



Appropriate patients are referred by their own dentists to be seen at either Darlington or Ferryhill for QDDOSS or in Billingham for QTOSS.

Oral Surgery services are free to the patient and incur no NHS charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am really anxious – what are my options? We are an oral surgery service but we can also offer sedation for people who are anxious about having treatment and who are suitable for treatment under sedation. (We are unable to offer NHS treatment to anxious people who need straightforward extractions – they will need to be referred to the local sedation service or be treated privately).


Can I have private treatment? Yes you can if you wish – please discuss this with the specialist who is assessing you.


Can I bring children to my appointment? This is generally fine for the assessment appointment but not for the treatment appointment – and definitely not if you are due to have sedation during your treatment appointment. At your assessment appointment, you will be given a pack of information which will answer your questions about what will happen at your treatment appointment.


Can I eat before my treatment? It is best if you avoid eating for 2 hours before treatment – but we would encourage you to have a light meal prior to this.


Can I take my usual medication before treatment? Yes – we advise you not to skip taking any medication prior to treatment.


Will it be painful? No, in the majority of cases you won’t experience any pain. We will make sure you are numb and comfortable before we start treating you. Our specialists are highly trained and very used to carrying out oral surgery procedures so you are in really good hands.


What about painkillers afterwards? Please discuss this with the specialist treating you. We can certainly give you a prescription for appropriate pain relief afterwards, although most people are fine to manage any pain by using over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.


I am pregnant – will this affect my treatment? You will not be suitable for all kinds of sedation if you are pregnant though you may be able to have some gas and air (laughing gas) if you are very anxious. You may also need an X-ray for assessment if we do not have an up-to-date one. We will talk to you about this but this is extremely low risk for you and your baby.

Useful Information

We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to discuss your questions or concerns with any of our staff (receptionists, nurses or specialist clinicians). We will do our very best to address these and make your experience with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Please call us on 01642 554667 (Billingham) or 01325 381928 (Darlington and Durham) or email reception@queensway.co.uk if you require any more information.

When you have the date of your assessment, please download our NHS patient information:

Please note that our Ferryhill Oral Surgery Clinic is located in the Burgess and Hyder Dental Practice, Ferryhill.

To view maps to our oral surgery sites, click here.


Private Oral Surgery

In addition to the NHS services we offer private oral surgery. We will see you for a consultation and discuss the treatment you require as well as options to have sedation as you wish. You may need to have an X-ray as part of your consultation appointment which is included in the £70 consultation fee.

We will give you a quotation for the cost of the treatment and arrange a further appointment to suit you. We will normally ask for a deposit to be paid when you make an appointment for your treatment.

Please call our reception team on 01642 554667.