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Research Papers

Research Papers and guidance documents

Queensway Dental Clinic publishes a number of research documents on different dental themes. See our full list of dental research and useful guidance documents below.


Finding a solution amongst limited options  Dr Will Carter in association with Nobel Biocare discusses two implant cases using an combination of immediate and delayed placement and loading, Published May 2015 in Probe Magazine. 

Standards for Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care. The dental faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Published April 2015

A comparison of the ‘cost per child treated’ at a primary care-based sedation referral service, compared to a general anaesthetic in hospital by K. Jameson, P. A. Averley, P. Shackley and J. Steele. Published 2007.

A prospective audit to investigate the level of consciousness of children requiring conscious sedation using an 'alternative technique' by A. Kilborn, N. Suresh, P. Averley. Published 2009.

Advanced Paediatric Conscious Sedation: An alternative to Dental General Anaesthetic in the UK [SAAD Digest] by D. P. Hand, P. A. Averley, J. P. Lyne, N. M. Girdler. Published 2011.

An RCT pilot study to test the effects of intravenous midazolam as a conscious sedation technique for anxious children requiring dental treatment: an alternative to general anaesthesia by P. A. Averley , I. Lane, J. Sykes, N. M. Girdler, N. Steen and S. Bond. Published 2002.

Comparison of sevoflurane and nitrous oxide mixture with nitrous oxide alone for inhalation conscious sedation in children having dental treatment a randomised controlled trial by G. Y. G. Lahoud and P. A. Averley. Published 2002.

Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care by Department of health. Published 2003.

Conscious sedation technique for anxious children by P. A. Averley , I. Lane, J. Sykes, N. M. Girdler, N. Steen and S. Bond. Published 2004.

Developing the evidence base for effective paediatric conscious sedation techniques appropriate for primary dental care (PhD Thesis) by P. A. Averley. Published 2005.

Guidance for Commissioning NHS England Dental Conscious Sedation Services by Dr Paul Averley, Dr Christopher Holden, Dr Paul Howlett, Dr Michael Wood. Published 2013_05_01.

Investigating the lived experiences of children and their parents who have been referred to a primary care sedation service by P. A. Averley, R. Hobman, S. Bond, N. M. Girdler, J. Steele. Published 2008.

Investigation of inhalational conscious sedation as a tool for reducing anxiety in adults undergoing exodontia by R.J. Hierons, M.L. Dorman, K. Wilson, P.A. Averley, N. Girdler . Published 2012.

SAAD: A standardised quality assurance assessment in implementing national standards by SAAD with contributions from Dr Paul Averley. Published 2011.

Sedation in children and young people. Sedation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in children and young people [NICE Guidance] by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Published 2010.

Sevoflurane inhalation conscious sedation for children having dental treatment by G Y G Lahoud, P A Averley, M R Hanlon. Published 2001.

What's new in governance for conscious sedation in dental practice by Dr Paul Howlett BDS (Hons) MFDS DipConSed, Dr Will Carter BDS DipConSed MSc (Rest Dent), Mrs Colette Meek Cert Ed BA (Hons). Published 2013.

Oral Surgery


Managing Complex Anatomy and Correcting Arch Asymmetry. 

By Dr Ian Lane. Nobel Biocare News: Issue 3/2014

Periodontics and cardiovascular disease

Change in cardiovascular risk status after dental clearance. by J. S. Ellis, P. A. Averley, P. M. Preshaw, J. G. Steele, R. A. Seymour and J. M. Thomason. Published 2007.



Dental Anxiety