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Before and Afters


My dental history is not positive, although I tried to care for my teeth using almost every dental product available from chemists, nevertheless in my early ’50s I found my teeth beginning to loosen. I summoned the courage to visit a dentist only to be told they would pull out all my teeth – I never returned. Throughout my life I avoided going to a dentist whenever possible and the previous experiences of dental treatment I had could be summed up in three words, fear, pain and misery. Seven years past and I was at the point where I had lost a number of teeth. After several months of research I made an appointment with Ian Lane at Queensway Clinic. From the moment the consultation began he really listened, treated me as an individual, gave me options and instilled in me a feeling of confidence in him. I have now had several appointments with him and the treatment I have received is superb. I now attend appointments feeling relaxed and confident, in fact my experiences at Queensway can be summed up as reassuring, pain-free, and optimistic. As a result of the treatment, the way I look has changed dramatically, I have absolutely beautiful teeth and it is a joy to smile, laugh, talk and eat without embarrassment. Most of all I deeply value his approach and the way this has helped me overcome my fear of dental treatment. I would strongly encourage anyone with negative experiences and a fear of dentists to make an appointment; I only wish I had discovered Ian years ago

Eleanor, Cleveland