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Before and Afters


I attended Queensway Dental Clinic to discuss the implant replacement for my failing upper front tooth. Following a thorough assessment with Mr Lane, I received a written treatment plan explaining the options for my implant care and the alternatives to replace my broken upper front tooth. Ian explained that the gum was thin in this area due to the infection and a small bone graph may be required to improve the gum width and implant support. The surgery was carried out a couple of weeks later and there was no pain during the procedure. The area was uncomfortable for 3 – 4 days and the gum was a little bit swollen. A temporary crown was placed after a couple of months to allow the gum to heal in a natural way and the final all-ceramic crown was placed 7 months after the implant surgery. I also opted for some tooth whitening to brighten my smile and give a natural cosmetic improvement.

Dr M, Hartlepool