How do dental implants work?

A dental implant is a biocompatible screw which is placed into your jaw bone, a tooth or several teeth and can be permanently attached to the implant.

Queensway’s onsite laboratory is fitted with state-of-the-art technology which enables us to achieve incredibly accurate and aesthetic restorations.

What are the benefits?

They can help prevent further bone loss due to the support, they restore full mouth functionality to the patient, eliminate food restrictions, can replace a full set of dentures and do not interfere with speech. They have also been found to be stronger and support the bite forces better than dentures and other non-permanent solutions.

Are there different types of dental implants? What’s new?

Although I carry out all types of implant treatment, from single to mini, my specialist interest is the rehabilitation of the severely damaged mouth. With my team, I can remove damaged teeth and immediately place implants and teeth on the same visit. This revolutionary All-on-4™ concept has been developed to provide teeth for patients who previously would not have been able to have implants without significant bone grafting procedures.

I’m also excited about the development of ceramic ‘metal free’ implants which I have started using for those patients who have concerns about metal sensitivity – I believe these will become more mainstream.

How long do they last?

Due to the time that we take with treatment planning and oral health care, your implant should be a definitive solution. Queensway Dental has exceptional success rates which are above both the national and global estimated averages.

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