Cricketing legend Michael Hirsch has traveled all the way from Australia to have his dental implant treatment with Dr Will Carter at Queensway Dental Clinic.

 Last year Michael sought out Dr Carter after hearing that he was voted Young Dentist of the Year 2016. He had implant treatment for some damaged lower teeth and returned to Australia.

Sadly, Batting with Hirschy suffered some further damage to his upper teeth and required full implant reconstruction. Mr Hirsch chose to fly back to the UK to have this reconstruction with Dr Carter at Queensway Dental Clinic, so happy was he with the previous service provided which is second to none.

Dr Will Carter said: “It’s a real honour to be able to care for such great patients and it is such a vote of confidence for my whole team when patients track us down from all over the world like this. With modern implant techniques we can create award winning smiles in a matter of days which can transform lives.”