Welcome to the September edition of Queensway Dental’s newsletter.

As children are returning to school and summer draws to a close, we hope all our patients have had an enjoyable summer and had the opportunity for some quality time with family and friends during these tricky times. We have all been in need or a break and chance to recharge our batteries as we head towards autumn and Christmas.

We are very grateful to all patients that have attended the practice over the last few weeks and continued to adhere to our Covid protocols. We are aware that many restrictions have been relaxed in our day to day lives, but we continue to ensure the safety of our patients and team remains a priority of Queensway.

If you have visited us over the last few months, you will have received a text message following your appointment to ask you to leave some feedback about your visit. We have received some amazing feedback recently, for example;

Spotlessly clean surrounding and very warm and caring staff who made me feel at ease and reduce my anxieties’,

Staff always exceptional, take great care and talk you through the whole procedures keeping you at ease’ and

‘From the minute I entered the building I experienced a very professional and friendly service. The reception staff were helpful, and the hygienist was more than willing to explain procedures in layman’s terms. I would end by saying – an organisation to be proud of!! I will certainly recommend to others!!

All our feedback can be reviewed on our website.

The feedback we receive is so important to us and our organisation. We

listen carefully to what patients tell us and make any improvements needed when you have your say. Thank you to those who have taken the time to share your comments and we urge you to continue to do this.

We look forward to seeing you for your appointment in the near future and in the meantime take care and stay safe.

Queensway Dental

We believe there are four ingredients to creating a beautiful smile

1. Beautiful teeth

2. Healthy gums

3. Beautiful lips

4. Queensway dentists

Here at Queensway, we don’t just assess your teeth, we consider your SMILE and are trained to seek out the correct balance and harmony which in turn creates beauty and confidence.

Here we can see disharmony; the teeth are mildly crowded, not enough tooth is on show as the gum has overgrown, the edges of the teeth are chipped and uneven plus the lip muscle is too mobile pulling it too high. All these factors create the illusion of a ‘gummy smile’ with a thin top lip. So how do we fix it? With a team of Queensway dentists and practitioners, of course!

– Invisalign with specialist orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming @queenswaybraces

– Botox to the top lip with facial aesthetic practitioner Dr Uzma Olbrich @queenswayskin

– Whitening, gum contouring and composite bonding with Dr Jane Gosney @queenswaysmiles

From gum contouring and composite bonding to full ceramic smile makeovers, we’ve loved seeing all our patients finish their treatment with fresh, new smiles on their faces!

Back in April, we pledged to plant a tree on behalf of every patient who had a dental implant fitted in 2021 and we marked their treatment by adding a leaf to the ever blossoming tree in our Billingham waiting room. We are delighted to say the tree is now in full bloom!

Working with EFORESTS, a not-for-profit organisation that helps combat climate change and help create and restore woodlands throughout the United Kingdom, they plan to plant over hundreds of trees in the coming months.

EFORESTS work with existing, publicly accessible woodlands, nature reserves, urban farms and wildlife trusts to help preserve and enhance woodlands and woodland corridors to benefit wildlife and our future generations.

For every patient that had a dental implant fitted in 2021, we have donated to the EFORESTS fund. So every implant patient knows that they are contributing to reducing the impact of climate change, the patient will also received an e-certificate with the type of tree and location where it has been planted.

Queensway Dental, based in Billingham and Newcastle is accredited with a Silver Dental CSR certificate which recognises its commitment to the environment and supporting local communities. Queensway also holds an investor in the Environment Bronze award and have an action plan supported by their very own ‘green team’.

Dr Will Carter, partner at Queensway said: “Planting trees can have a tremendous benefit to the environment. By pledging to donate to EFORESTS on behalf of every patient who has a tooth implant, we can make a very small, but ever so necessary difference to climate change and growing a positive, greener future for generations to come. It is the least we can do, and we are proud to support the cause.”

Andrew Haining Founder of EFORESTS.CO.UK said; “It’s great that Queensway are planting trees with us on behalf of their patients. Planting trees has so many benefits for people, the planet and for wildlife. It’s nice to know that each time a patient is taking care of their teeth, they are also helping to take care of the planet.”

Thank you to all our wonderful dental implants for making it possible. 

The power of a non-surgical nose job!

In just ten minutes, our sister company Queensway Skin Clinic were able to transform patient Scott Henshall’s side profile and his confidence! 

Take a look at our Instagram page for further transformations and skin care advice.