About our lab

We are different

We believe our attention to detail and accuracy helps to set us apart from other dental laboratories.

We understand that the key to any great dental restoration is making accurate stone casts. This is why our dental stone powder:water ratios are weighed out automatically to the exact manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring total consistency across all of our cases. It is our aim to achieve exceptional standards which reduce chair side occlusal adjustments. To do this the opposing impressions for crown and bridge work are cast in the same die stone as the working cast to allow for guaranteed linear expansion.

By working closely with Queensway Dental Clinic we have come to recognise the importance of achieving the correct occlusion at the fit appointment. From this we have developed a clear protocol aimed to reduce the risk of needing to adjust high occlusal interferences.

We invest

By continually investing in the latest equipment, technology and materials we can support our team to deliver the best results.

These investments include:

  • Nobel Procera 2G Scanner & Nobel Design 2G Scanner – Used to design implant abutments, crowns and bridges in both titanium and zirconia before they are sent to be milled in New York.
  • GC Aadva Scanner – Used to CAD design all crown and bridge frameworks in a wide range of materials including zirconia, titanium, cobalt chrome and acrylic.
  • Bredent Thermopress – Used to produce clear flexible frameworks, the thermopress also allows for the addition of flexible and clear tooth coloured clasps to be added to cobalt chrome partial dentures.
  • Bredent For2Press – Used to process high performance polymer suitable for large implant prostheses for its biological and mechanical properties.
  • Ivoclar Ivobase – Used to produce injection moulded, high impact dentures. Closed flask injecting allows for precision processing with no raised bites.
  • Vision Engineering Mantis Stereo Microscopes – Used for precision magnification when working.

Queensway Dental Laboratory

We learn

We invest in learning. It is important for us to further develop our knowledge by learning from highly skilled and experienced professionals. We regularly attend courses worldwide and welcome guest speakers and trainers to our laboratory to allow us to benefit from their expertise.

Along with trainers from GC and Ivoclar, we are fortunate to work with renowned New York technician Peter Pizzi, who has delivered great hands on training. This has benefited not only our team but equally our clients.

Members of our team also speak and teach on behalf of global organisations including Nobel Biocare and Bredent, allowing us to share our skills and knowledge with others.

Dental implants

Our laboratory is the only one in the UK to have a ‘KOIS Registered Specialist’.

Our managing director, Richard Elliott, studied a comprehensive nine-course curriculum at the KOIS center in Seattle, covering subjects involving aesthetic, occlusion and restorative dentistry before graduating from the program.

The course taught clear protocols for managing complex dental cases and has allowed for the implementation of KOIS principles to the laboratory, focusing on achieving consistently outstanding results for both clients and patients alike. 

Queensway Dental Laboratory