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FAQ for NHS patients

What is changing?

As of 31st March 2018, we will no longer be providing NHS general dental services. We understand that this will affect some of our patients and therefore we will be working with you to give the options of affordable ways to stay with your Queensway dentist as a private patient or find an alternative local NHS provider.

What services does the term general dentistry cover?

General dentistry includes check-ups (including oral cancer examination), scale and polishes, x-rays as necessary, fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures.

Can I afford private dentistry?

First of all, we’d love for you to stay with us at Queensway for all of your dental needs. To make private dentistry more affordable we have monthly plans starting from as little as 29p per day that include your dental examinations, routine visits with the dental hygienist, necessary x-rays, 10% off routine treatment such as fillings and extractions, 5% off implant, brace and cosmetic treatments, plus, Worldwide Dental Accident & Emergency Cover to protect you against the cost of unforeseen accidental damage and emergencies whilst away from home.

I’m concerned I can’t afford paying a private fee for any treatment I may need

We offer a range of payment options including interest-free direct debits to enable you to spread the cost of any required treatment over a number of instalments if required. Please ask our team for more details.

However, by joining one of our patient plans and attending the practice regularly for preventative care, we hope to reduce your risk of oral disease and the need for treatment.

What about my children?

To continue our agenda for preventative dentistry and to ensure that children are still receiving essential dental care, we are offering all children aged under 18 free preventative dental care with a parent on a Queensway plan.

What about if my child needs treatment, how much will this cost?

We have set a flat fee for treatment on a baby tooth to be £75. This is regardless of whether a filling, preformed crown or an extraction and is inclusive of inhalation sedation if required. The fee will be subject to a 10% discount if they (or a parent) is on a Queensway plan.
For adult teeth our price list can be found here

Do I have to decide about whether I want to join a patient plan or register as a private pay-as-you-go patient straight away?

We have written to over 11,000 registered patients at our Billingham practice informing them of the changes and that places at the practice from 1st April 2018 will be limited.

As such, we encourage you to decide whether you would like to join one of our patient plans or register as a private pay-as-you-go patient as soon as possible.

If you would like to discuss your options in more detail we invite you to call our patient support advisors on 01642 555340

I already have an appointment booked after April, will this now be a private appointment and how much will this cost?

Yes this will be a private appointment. Our private pay-as-you-go fees can be found here.

If you opt to join one of our patient plans before your next appointment and we have collected at least one month’s plan fee, then your examination and hygiene visit will be covered under the cost of your plan.

Can I only join the plan my dentist has recommended?

The plan your dentist has recommend for you is based on your oral health history and includes the routine care we believe you require to reduce your risk of oral disease in the future.

If for any reason you would like to discuss joining an alternative plan, we welcome you to discuss this with the team by calling our patient support advisors on 01642 555340. Our friendly team will be on-hand to answer any questions that you have and help you register if you wish to join a plan as a private patient.

What if I am a denture wearer?

If you have a denture and your routine appointments are every two years, you may be more suited to attending Queensway on a pay as you go basis. If you would like to go ahead with this option, please make us aware by giving our patient support advisors a call on 01642 555340.

Can I still be referred by my dentist to Queensway for orthodontics (braces)?

Yes, this remains unchanged. Queensway Orthodontics will continue to accept eligible NHS patients under the age of 18 on a referral-only basis.

Can I still come to Queensway for oral surgery?

Yes, this remains unchanged. Queensway Oral Surgery services at Billingham, Darlington and Durham will continue to accept eligible NHS patients on a referral-only basis.

How long do I have to continue using Queensway for general dentistry through the NHS?

Our NHS contract will cease on 31st March 2018. All current patients will receive a letter from the 18th January explaining the alternatives and options of our affordable payment plans.

If you have a general dental appointment booked before 1st April 2018, this will remain the same. Any courses of dental treatment started prior to 1st April 2018 will be completed as planned.

What can I continue to come to Queensway for after April?

As well as general dental care, our private treatments include dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, anxiety management, braces, periodontics and endodontics.

As a referred NHS patient, you can see us for Specialist oral surgery and Specialist orthodontics.

Where do I go to find out about my NHS options?

If you choose not to stay at Queensway dental, you can visit www.nhs.uk and enter your postcode to search for a local dental practice that is accepting new NHS patients or call NHS England’s Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 2233 who will advise of local practices with NHS availability. Should you have any difficulties accessing NHS dental treatment, please contact Healthwatch Stockton on 0808 1729559 or via email on healthwatchstockton@pcp.uk.net.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01642 554 667.

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