Private dental


Private dental treatment

Our teeth have more impact than we possibly realise. Not only do they allow us to chew and digest our food, they give us confidence to smile – making both ourselves and those around us feel good. 

That’s why keeping our teeth in optimum condition with a good oral hygiene routine and regular trips to the dentist is so important. Fortunately, at Queensway Dental Clinic we make that easy by offering private dental treatment to our patients. 

Benefits of private dental care

As a private dental patient with us here at Queensway Dental Clinic, you have a range of treatments and appliances available. What’s more, you don’t have to wait to receive them either – you can start on your treatment journey immediately. 

The first step is booking a free appointment with us. At this consultation, we will be able to do a free assessment of your teeth and jaws to see what treatments you could most benefit from. This free initial assessment also includes an oral health check and x-rays if required. 

Private finance

Visit our costs page to see how much treatment could cost. As a private patient with us at Queensway Dental Clinic, you will need to pay for all your treatment, either upfront or via one of our payment plans. We do have interest-free loans available as well the Queensway plan which allows you to spread the cost of payment into 12 equal payments throughout the year. For more information on our payment options, see our finance section. 

Book your free consultation

If you would like register with Queensway Dental Clinic as a private patient, book your free consultation with us today. We can conduct a full oral health check, advise on the best treatment for you and provide some top tips on how to keep your teeth healthy. 

What’s more, even after your free consultation, there’s no obligation to start treatment. So go on, what are you waiting for? Come in and see our friendly team today or give them a call on 01642 554667.


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