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My dental treatment at Queensway has been superb, I can now eat and smile with confidence and it feels fantastic.





Crowns, dental implants and veneers

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Allan Said:

“As a result of a sporting injury over 35 years ago, the health of my teeth and gums had significantly deteriorated in recent years. The crowns on my front teeth had become unstable and tired looking. Even though I had made regular trips to my dentist, I was suffering with progressive bone loss and gum disease and realised I needed to take action. My dentist could offer a denture to replace my two front teeth, but I had concerns with the comfort and how my bite would be effected. Instead I asked for a referral to Queensway Dental to get a second opinion and to explore the option of implants for a more permanent solution."

"I can only describe the initial consultation that I had with Dr Ian Lane as fantastic. After a thorough assessment, I was presented with all of the potential options and I went away feeling reassured and confident that my smile could be saved."

"After careful consideration, I decided to go ahead with Dr Lane’s recommendation for treatment that included a dental implant, crown replacement, cosmetic veneers and the necessary treatment for gum disease plus future prevention. This took place over a period of 10 months. At every stage of my dental journey I was provided with a temporary solution, which was not just cosmetically perfect, but also provided a good bite so day-to-day life wasn’t effected at all during the process."

I could not be happier with the end result, my primary objective was to have front teeth which were functional and comfortable, in addition to this I now also have teeth that are cosmetically pleasing which it tremendous! I have got my confidence back to smile and eat which is superb. Queensway Dental has surpassed my expectations and I would 100% recommended them to anyone with concerns about the health or look of their teeth."

Crowns, dental implants and veneers

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