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"All I wanted when coming to Queensway was normal, natural looking teeth and that is exactly what I got."





Dental implants and veneers

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For many years Anita had a crown fixed to a post on her lateral incisor tooth. On occasions when it did come loose a simple fix using cap and crown cement allowed her to reattach the tooth herself. It was when she was on holiday that the tooth came off and she was unable to put it back that she decided she had to do something about it.

Anita’s children had previously been referred to Queensway which is why she decided to return to see Dr Ian Lane about a permanent solution to fill the gap caused by the missing crown.

After listening to Anita’s concerns and her smile wish list was, Dr Lane gave recommendations the option of a dental implant to fill the gap. He also advised replacing veneers, which Anita had had for over 20 years on her front teeth, as well as replacing silver fillings with white, and an old crown on her bottom arch.

Before this treatment began and while a temporary implant was in place she undertook a home tooth whitening system to get to the desired tooth colour that she wanted before the restorative work took place.

Over the duration of a year, Anita had all of her dental treatment carried out with Dr Lane and her healthy smile had been restored.

Dental implants and veneers

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