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As a former tooth grinder, over the years Barbara had caused damaged which ended in her losing her front teeth. She decided to have her missing teeth replaced using dental implants but she was never happy with their appearance and decided to book an appointment at Queensway to have them fixed.

Barbara L.

Barbara L



Dental Implants

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Barbara said:

My previous implants weren’t straight or in the original position. I decided to do some research of local dentists online - Queensway stood out a mile in front of other practices.

Ian talked me through a plan to replace lost teeth and I had every confidence in him. He fitted me with two news implants and did a fantastic job of straightening them. I couldn’t believe the results - I was overjoyed.

I was very self-conscious previously but now I'm not afraid to smile. Eating is now so much easier too. I couldn’t believe the difference after a few sessions with Ian. I now feel fantastic about my smile and the service I received at Queensway was first class. Money well spent I say - I would definitely recommend Queensway Dental.

Dental implants

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