I was originally recommended to Queensway and Dr Lane by my NHS dentist.  I had broken a bridge which had been fitted by him several years ago.  He was no longer able to fit a bridge in the space.  He knew of my anxiety and fear of dentures and recommended me to see Ian, who fitted me in almost immediately with a temporary partial denture until a proper review could be carried out.

My front upper teeth were a mixture of crowns, veneers and natural teeth, all of which were different shades and very discoloured.  The gap left by the missing bridge was visible and, to me, very obvious.  It made me feel very self-conscious.  My lower teeth were worn down and also looking discoloured.

After a three-month trial with a partial denture I very quickly realised the knowledge I have always had, that dentures are not for me.  Ian went through my options very carefully with me and explained in full the time it would take to carry out the treatment, the cost and also my fear of all things dental!

Right from my first appointment, with Ian,  Leanne, the receptionists, and Ian’s dental nurse I always felt comfortable and as relaxed as possible. 

I had several courses of treatment including bone grafts, implants, crowns and bridges.  The whole course lasted almost a year and included several hours in the “chair”.  I could never have tolerated this without conscious sedation which Ian was happy to provide me with.  On this point I have never known any nursing professional who can insert a canula as Ian does – I never felt a thing.

I am so happy with the final result and now feel so much more confident and happy to smile for the camera. Comments from friends and family have been amazing.  I have recommended Queensway to anyone who mentions my smile.

To sum up my experience, I would go through it all again if I had to.  Obviously, I hope I won’t have to!

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