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After learning his grandnephew referred to him as ‘Dave with the brown teeth’, David knew he had to do something about the deterioration of his teeth.








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David said:

Initially, I went to see Dr Jane Gosney for a free, half hour consultation because I was impressed with the treatment I read about while I was in the waiting room waiting to have a tooth extracted by Dr Matt Dorman (I had been referred by my own dentist).

I asked Dr Matt Dorman and he suggested I made an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. I had a good talk with Dr Jane Gosney but my wife kept butting in saying Jane was wasting her time, as I don’t brush my teeth! Dr Jane Gosney asked if it was true and I said, ‘Well look, look at the mess of these, no I don’t.’

Dr Jane Gosney gave me a toothbrush, toothpaste and a fortnight. She wanted to see a vast improvement otherwise she not prepared to take me on as a patient.

I went away and brushed twice a day, which I’d never done – well I’d never done twice a day ever! At the end of the fortnight, I went back to see Dr Jane Gosney and she said there has been a great improvement and now I’m willing to discuss the different options of treatment with you.

The treatment I decided on was dentures - two dentures either side – leave the front teeth in and have a course of tooth whitening on the bottom. Initially, I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for, but over the full course of treatment, as every appointment went by, I grew in confidence and trusted Dr Jane Gosney and she was fantastic. You’ve got an outstanding lady there – she’s brilliant.

A week before Christmas, Dr Jane Gosney gave me my new dentures and having looked in the mirror and seeing how fantastic they looked. I said “Oh, I can’t wait to get up to Scotland and show my daughter.” and then Dr Jane Gosney said “Oh what, you haven’t told her?” to which I said “No, because my intention is to get off the train at Montrose and I’m going to give her the biggest smile and light that station up and which truly happened. I got off the train and I gave her a big smile and in my head, the whole station lit up because my daughter shouted “Dad! Look at those teeth!

I’m over the moon that people have commented on the grand job that Dr Jane Gosney has done for me and it makes me feel another six inches taller!


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