Diane and Carol


Diane and Carol

Twins Diane and Carol show off their sensational smiles

Diane initially got referred to Queensway by her routine dentist for a second opinion for suspected periodontitis. An x-ray determined that her gum health wasn’t a cause for concern and in turn this opened up the options for transforming her smile.

Due to taking tetracycline medicines as infants, both sisters had suffered with discolouration to their teeth and as a result, in their early 20’s had crowns placed on their top teeth. Over time these had become discoloured and loose and required attention.

With a milestone birthday looming, Diane wanted to explore the options of dental implants to restore her smile. Carol accompanied her to her initial consultation with Dr Will Carter and she said it was the best decision she made as she too decided there and then "what’s good for the goose is good for the gander" and booked in for similar treatment.  

The twins had a combination of crowns, bridges and veneers on the top and bottom arch and opted for conscious sedation which Diane described as "absolutely wonderful" as she couldn’t remember a thing. She came round and the 2-hour treatment was done!

Treatment was also carried out to restore good oral health to upkeep her new smile. Diane said “Thanks to Dental Hygienist Sally we are now more informed about dental care and how to keep our new smiles sensational!

To complement their new look, the sisters took advantage of the skin treatments available at the clinic and Dr Rebecca Hierons used Botox to soften fine lines around the eye areas.

Carol said: “We absolutely did not want the frozen look – we wanted to just look a better version of ourselves and it seemed an obvious next step after the transformation to our teeth. We absolutely trusted Dr Rebecca and she fulfilled our request for natural rejuvenation. We’re thrilled with the results and look and feel 10 years younger!”   

Upon completion of their makeover the twins said: “We Sagittarians have now got our mojo back and can laugh at our blonde moments with confidence and start our 50’s in style!” 


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