Queensway star story

Gary hated his smile and he made sure he never smiled in photos but being in the public eye, he wanted to feel better about himself.





Ceramic veneers

Before & after pictures

Gary said:

I came to Queensway as I saw some great before and after photos on Instagram and also read that Queensway offer a free consultation for new patients, which I thought was great - I would be able to find out what they could do to make my smile better and what I needed.

After my consultation they showed me my teeth now and what they would look like following treatment using a virtual app called 3Shape Communicate, and I knew I had to get them.

It was basically a no brainer and I opted for ceramic veneers. I just wanted to be able to smile with no problems and the treatment has certainly done that.

I can now smile on all my photos and in general I feel much better about myself.

The service and communication was fantastic at Queensway - everything was great.

Ceramic veneers

Before and afters

Before treatment Before

After treatment After

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