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Hafsah booked a consultation at Queensway after seeing before and after transformations on social media. She was hoping for a natural-looking smile makeover of her own.





Teeth whitening, gum contouring and composite veneers

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Hafsah said:

I remember seeing people’s teeth and thinking wow this is something I have always wanted but did not quite know how I could afford or whether or not the treatment would be good for me.

After my first consultation, I chose to go ahead with the treatment because Will was extremely supportive - he made it worth my time and he definitely made me feel it was worth going ahead with. The team was so supportive and kind.

I went ahead with composite veneers which from the first initial consultation to the treatment day was within a few months, including hygiene appointments and a six-week whitening kit.

After the treatment, I felt amazing. It was definitely something which has made me so much more confident, happier and it was so worth it.

I liked that everyone told me my teeth looked great but natural at the same time which was most important to me. I didn’t want this whole idea that my teeth looked fake and as though they had work done. The change was big but natural.

The overall service I received from Queensway was without a doubt, professional, kind and so supportive. I would receive calls making sure everything was okay with the treatment and double checking if I was ready for the next appointment. From the reception staff, to the hygienist to my dentist, Will, everyone was amazing. I can’t thank them all enough.

I would most definitely recommend Queensway to anyone seeking a professional service and a good set of healthy well looked after teeth. As well as how great I feel about my teeth now, the aftercare and the way in which the hygienists have taught me to keep on top of the hygiene has also been impressive.

Teeth whitening, gum contouring and composite veneers

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