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As a longstanding patient of Queensway Dental, Jack knew he wanted to improve his smile, but he was unsure whether he should follow his friends in travelling to Turkey for the treatment.





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Jack said:

I have been using Queensway for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted white teeth but was unable to have them whitened as I’d had chips filled in previously which wouldn’t whiten the same as a normal tooth.

Ultimately, I wanted a whiter smile - my top teeth were already straight, but I wanted a natural shape and as white as possible!

A few of my friends had travelled to Turkey to improve their smile but each of them had their own version of the pros and cons to this. I wanted some advice from Dr Jane Gosney as I trusted her opinion as to what was the best option for me.

I decided to go ahead with treatment at Queensway. I had 10 ceramic veneers on my top teeth and 4 composite veneers on the bottom and the treatment has made a huge difference - I couldn’t be happier with my smile.

It was a smooth process, Queensway is around the corner from my home and not a five-hour flight away! I would definitely recommend.

Ceramic veneers

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