Jackie Doyle

I first became aware of Queensway Dental because my husband had been referred by his own dentist for treatment and was very impressed with the level of care and support he received.

I had concerns with my teeth for a long time and this recommendation gave me the confidence to pluck up the courage and find out what I could do about the bits I hated about my smile the most – the gaps and how uneven and worn my teeth looked.

When I first met Dr Paul Averley and his team I was very nervous, I would say I hated the dentist due to past bad experiences. Immediately, even on first impressions I knew this was going to be a different experience and I felt welcome and at ease – something I can’t say I had before when visiting the dentist. In my free consultation, Paul explained what he could achieve and how the work would be done, I went away feeling reassured and rather than petrified, excited to go ahead with the treatment.

The biggest difference for me from my previous dental experiences was the trust that I felt with Paul. He answered all of my questions and at no time did he make me feel silly for being so afraid, in other words he didn’t dismiss my fears or give any false promises.

If you had told me a year ago that I would have sat for hours in the dental chair I would have laughed and said impossible! However, with the help of a very reassuring dentist and conscious sedation, I felt so relaxed throughout; I actually couldn’t believe that treatment this complex could have gone so easily.

All in all, my treatment plan included ten crowns on the top and two bridges on the bottom and it completely transformed my smile.

I was amazed at the result, I was afraid I might have a fake Hollywood smile and that others would notice immediately that I had work done, this wasn’t the case the result was so natural and reminded me of the teeth I had as a young girl. People now notice my smile and said things like ‘I have never noticed how white your teeth are’ and ‘your teeth look lovely’ the compliments are always nice to hear.

The service I received was second to none, it was efficient and everything promised was fully delivered. The results achieved far exceeded my expectations and my fear of the dentist has vastly improved – I know that with Paul and his team I am in safe hands.

“I would recommend Queensway Dental to anyone, especially those who have a fear of the dentist. Don’t let it ruin your life, believe me when I say that you will be pleased you took the step to improve your dental health and to improve your smile, it makes a huge difference and you won’t regret it.”



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