Jade, 28, had crown replacements and composite bonding on two teeth to refresh her smile following a dental trauma.

At the age of 8, Jade was involved in a road accident in Greece which damaged her two front teeth. After years of bullying, she recently decided the time was right to book an appointment at Queensway.

She said: "I was bullied in school so I just never smiled - I always thought that was the easiest option rather than be teased."

“I didn’t have bad teeth apart from my two front crowns which had started to discolour over time but kids can be nasty and it stuck in my head. Even as I got older, I always got asked why I pout on photos and I was always so envious of people’s amazing teeth.

After researching local dentists and attending consultations, Jade then noticed Queensway’s profile on Instagram and was impressed by the standard of patient smile transformations. She said: "Queensway give me by far the best consultation.. The service was brilliant - I couldn’t fault anyone; all the staff were great."

"Now I can laugh them bullies away and all those people who put me down or always had something to say about me not smiling. Now I won’t and can’t stop showing off my teeth!"

"Thank you Dr Paul Averley and all the Queensway Jesmond staff who have all be lovely from start to finish. They’ve honestly made me the happiest woman on this earth. Queensway has changed my life for the better."


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