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Queensway star story

Jarka received a wonderful Christmas present from Queensway Dental Clinic – the new smile she had always dreamed about…





Dental implants, crowns and a bridge

Before & after pictures

Jarka said:

Dr Averley truly is a dental wizard! I had 2 dental implants fitted with crowns and a bridge at the back of my lower jaw. I was aware this was going to be a difficult procedure as I had already seen 2 dentists who had both said it wouldn’t be possible. I then was recommended Dr Averley and after reading his impressive list of qualifications, I decided to get a third opinion. I was delighted when Dr Averley not only carried out the work needed, but did it skilfully, painlessly and with great care. He has a very friendly manner and makes it look easy!

It’s not something you would usually say about a dental appointment, but I actually enjoyed coming to Queensway because I had confidence in Dr Averley’s abilities. I did not need to fear any pain as the anaesthetic injections were so effective and I always left the clinic feeling happy as I knew I was one way closer to my new smile. I say this because in addition to the implant work, I gained so much confidence in the quality of Dr Averley’s work, that I decided to have 12 of my top teeth crowned also. I had some very old large fillings in my front teeth, a gold crown and two other crowns showing metallic parts, as my gums had receded a little and all were visible when I smiled which I did not like.

The final result is amazing as my teeth look 50 years younger and I can wholly recommend Dr Averley and his team. Praise is also due to the practice’s dental technicians who crafted the crowns so well that every one fitted at the first try. The colour Dr Averley helped me choose is just right and the whole appearance of my teeth is very natural. Indeed, photographs of before and after show what a stunning result has been achieved. It really is a dream come true, thank you!

Dental implants, crowns and a bridge

Before and afters

Before treatment Before

After treatment After

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