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After finishing orthodontic treatment with a different practice, Josie still wasn’t happy with the way her smile looked. She started to follow Queensway social media and saw the amazing before and after results and decided to book a free consultation.





Teeth whitening and direct composite veneers

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Josie said:

I first heard about Queensway when I was around 14 when all my friends were getting orthodontic treatment in school - I then started following Queensway’s social media.

My initial consultation was such a reassuring experience. Dr Paul Averley checked the health of my teeth to make sure I was a good candidate for composite veneers which was the treatment I wanted. He explained everything thoroughly and created a tailored journey plan for my dream smile. I can honestly say I’ve never felt more comfortable in a dental environment or with a dentist, he made me feel at ease and I instantly trusted him with my teeth, which are a very important feature for me. He was on the same page as me from the beginning and was honest about what was achievable. The consultation wasn’t pushy I was encouraged to go home and think about it to make sure it definitely was what I wanted, even though the second I walked out the door I knew I’d be back for my treatment as I was already filled with confidence!

I loved how straight my teeth were and my teeth were also very healthy in colour but I wanted my smile more symmetrical and fuller. When I smiled my top lip would cover over half of my natural teeth, so I wanted them extended to show more of my teeth when I smiled. I also wanted rid of the side ‘corridors’ either side of my teeth as they were quite apparent when I smiled. Even though I wanted the edge of my teeth very flush, I also wanted to keep the characteristics of my natural teeth but just enhance them so I still look like me, just a better version, as natural as possible.

Dr Paul Averley took this onboard from day one and he created the most perfect smile personal to me. He went through composite veneers and composite bonding features and benefits with me, I decided myself that composite veneers were going to be the most effective for me and give me the smile I was searching for. I started my treatment with at-home whitening prescribed by Queensway, even after one night I could see instant results. I did this for four weeks, during this four weeks I also had what you call a ‘Try Smile’ which is basically a ‘try before you buy’ mould of plastic which is placed over your teeth - you can go home wearing it, show family and decide yourself what you like/don’t like about the Try Smile so that the official final sculpting of the composite veneers can be manufacture. I made a few tweaks, this made me even more excited and confident that my veneers were going to be perfect for me. When I went in for my veneers fitted it was not painful at all, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror - I think my first words were ‘they’re perfect’.

I know it sounds cliché but it has honestly changed my life. I struggle now to keep my teeth to myself, I haven’t stopped smiling since. I went to Paris in September for my birthday, this was my first holiday with my new smile and I think in every single photo I’m smiling with my teeth! That would never have been the case before. Even in rooms full of people I feel so confident to just laugh comfortably and smile when I feel like it. My confidence has grown massively! I receive compliments daily!

I don’t think I’ve stopped singing Queensway’s praises. I would recommend Queensway to anyone. You are cared about from the moment you walk through the door and it doesn’t stop when you walk out the door! You truly feel like you’re the only patient they have, and they alter the service/treatment individually to give you the best most comfortable experience! I felt like I was in good hands, I knew everything was being done efficiently and professionally. I couldn’t fault one member of staff or any part of my smile journey. I was made to feel part of the Queensway family and the dentists truly care for your needs. Easy, relaxed and effective!

A special thank you to Dr Paul Averley! He’s a smile wizard!

Teeth whitening and direct composite veneers

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