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I went for a consultation at Queensway and when braces were mentioned, my first thought was ‘no way can I wear braces in my 20’s’ but I am so glad that I changed my mind and went ahead with the recommended treatment.





Orthodontics, bridge, composite bonding and dental implant

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Laurren said:

I had tooth troubles from an early age due to a condition called ‘hypodontia’, basically it’s where your missing adult teeth and still have baby teeth in their place. When these were going to have to be removed, I was going to be left with gaps. Not a big functional problem, but one that I feared would affect my confidence and as a dental nurse myself, my smile was extra important to me!

I wore ceramic braces on my top teeth and metal on the bottom for just over 12 months. This allowed spaces to be opened up to make room for a dental implant and a bridge. The best bit was that all of the treatment would be done at Queensway, meaning the communication of the treatment plan between the specialist orthodontist and dentist was seamless!

After my braces were removed, I had a baby tooth extracted, a bone graft and implant placed. I also had a bridge on my lower teeth and finally dental bonding to perfect the shape of my top teeth.As a nervous patient, I opted for conscious sedation to take away any anxieties and help me relax during the longer treatments. I must also mention the benefit of the practice having an on-site dental laboratory, not only did they make my implant and bridge, but a small denture for when my bone graft was healing which was so discreet and easy to wear.

Thank again to everyone at Queensway, I am very happy with my new smile, it’s priceless to me. If you are nervous and want amazing teeth, I would recommend Queensway!

Orthodontics, bridge, composite bonding and dental implant

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