I had broken a crown at its root and was referred straight to Queensway by my regular dentist. When he referred me he said: “I’ll send you to somebody; he’s the dentist I aspire to be” which filled me with confidence straightaway.

I was booked straight in for a consultation that day with Dr Ian Lane. I was aware of Queensway as I often pop in to Billingham to the shops. However I had never visited the clinic before. I was so impressed with the consultation. Within what seemed like 10 minutes Dr Lane had placed a temporary crown on to my tooth, which was already better than the crown I had before. We went through everything in the appointment. -ultimately what I’d like to achieve and then my budget for the treatment, as there was a lot more to consider than just my broken crown.

I went back to see my own dentist with the treatment plan I was given by Dr Lane and we discussed the options available. I felt confident that I was in good hands at Queensway and was happy to go ahead with my treatment. From beginning to end it has taken around 9 months and has meant quite a lot of complicated treatment to get to where I am now. I was so impressed with the planning of the treatment. Even before I had moved forward with it I was informed and kept in touch with every step of the way. I would also never have been able to have the treatment without the option of conscious sedation. I have a really bad gag reflex meaning treatment has always been difficult. However the sedation took that all away.

Since I’ve had the treatment I’ve lost my self-consciousness and gained self-confidence. I thought before treatment: ‘Is it worth it at my stage of life?’ but even the planning made it value for money.

The team have been so friendly and really helpful, I was really made to feel like an individual. I needed an emergency appointment once when Dr Lane was away, but even the other dentist I saw was great. He had said: ‘You are a Queensway patient. You will always be looked after.’

I would recommend Queensway to anyone, even just for their routine dental care. 


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