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Queensway star story

Matthew was embarrassed by his teeth and wanted a smile he could be proud of. He did some online research for private dental practices and soon came across Queensway Dental and Queensway Orthodontics.





Fixed braces, crowns, onlays and a bridge

Before & after pictures

Matthew said:

“My teeth were a mess - some crown work had turned black and I had big gaps in my smile. I always hid my smile, in photos and when laughing my friends and girlfriend.

I first had braces fitted at Queensway Orthodontics which I had for two and a half years and then I got crowns, on lays and a bridge fitted at Queensway Dental. At the end of my treatment, I then had a fixed retainer put on.

All of the staff I dealt with from the receptionists to the nurses and consultants and orthodontists were polite and professional. They made me feel confident in the treatment I received and that any and all questions I had were valued and answered. I knew I was getting the best possible care.

I would definitely recommend Queensway to anyone. They helped me find my smile again and I can't thank them enough.

I was ashamed of my teeth and felt like I had lost my confidence but thanks to the treatment I received I finally got my smile back.”

Fixed braces, crowns, onlays and a bridge

Before and afters

Before treatment Before

After treatment After

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