Seven years ago Michael had a sporting accident and as a result suffered trauma to his pre-molar tooth. Michael needed to have the tooth removed and it was replaced with a bridge by his own dentist. It was never something that he felt entirely comfortable with and he was left feeling that, when eating, the bridge didn’t feel entirely secure. He spoke to his dentist about a more permanent solution which is how he came to be referred to Queensway Dental Clinic for a consultation with Dr Paul Averley to discuss the option of a dental implant.

Michael was given a range of options and prices of different treatments which could be carried out to replace the bridge. Having been given time to decide, he chose to have a single dental implant, and opted for composite bonding to repair some small chips on his teeth as well as having teeth which he was grinding in his sleep built up to restore their natural shape.

Michael said: “Immediately upon my first consultation I felt comfortable with Dr Averley’s expertise and trusted his recommendation. Now that I have had the implant fitted I can’t believe how much it looks like a natural tooth and, most importantly, I am no longer anxious about it falling out.

The staff at Queensway were always friendly and happy to help. I required finance to spread the cost of my treatment and it was ever so straightforward to complete. I liked that you could arrange it all online at home.



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