Nicola heard about Queensway Dental Clinic through a recommendation from a work colleague who had previous cosmetic dentistry carried out with Dr Will Carter.

She booked a free consultation and discussed with Will how she was conscious of her teeth being irregular lengths and shapes. She also had noticeable acid erosion on the tooth surface.  After discussing the treatment options and costs and having time to go away and make a decision, she chose to have composite veneers which would fill the gaps to give her the white and even smile that she wanted, and replace the surface enamel lost because of the acid erosion.

Nicola said: “Before my appointment I thought that ceramic veneers would be the only option, so I was surprised when Will suggested something called composite veneers. I liked the way that he recommended what was best for my teeth and even better, it was actually less than half the price of veneers. It also didn’t involve any preparation on my natural teeth and it was all carried out in one appointment so, all in all, within 3 weeks I had my perfect smile.

Previously it had always been natural for me to not show my teeth when smiling as I always thought that they could be straighter and whiter. Now with some simple and inexpensive treatment I have achieved the even smile that I wanted.


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