Because of a childhood accident, Pippa’s front adult teeth never came through on the bottom jaw which meant that she had a bridge to replace these teeth. Later on in life she was involved in a car crash which saw her lose many teeth and caused significant damage to the remaining ones. As a result she had to wear a denture.

Pippa told us that: “Wearing a denture made me look and feel 20 years older than I was and knocked my confidence dreadfully. I didn’t adapt to wearing them and often found myself expressionless as I was afraid to smile and even talk as they also affected my speech.  I just couldn’t get used to them and it was affecting my life. I couldn’t go for a meal with friends or eat my favourite foods such as fruit. I often found myself having to liquidise foods.

After many months of distress caused by her dentures, Pippa heard a radio advertisement promoting Queensway and a free dental implant consultation. She booked straight in for an appointment. After previously paying for consultations at other practices she couldn’t quite believe that it was free!

She met with Dr Paul Averley who carefully assessed her situation, discussed a range of options that could help her and together they agreed to restore her teeth with the help of dental implants.

Pippa’s teeth have been transformed and she is now able to talk, laugh and eat her favourite foods, day-to-day things which a few months previously she was unable to do.

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