I had braces when I was younger, but had been told off by the dentist for not wearing them properly. It had made me really embarrassed and put me off going to the dentist altogether so my teeth had gradually got worse and worse. I had recently sold my house, so after thinking about it, I decided to go with the sensible option and do something about my smile.

Queensway was very local to me and I knew that being such a massive practice, there would be something they could do about my teeth. I booked a consultation with Dr Ian Lane, who was fantastic. I’d thought that All-on-4TM dental implants would be my only option but after discussing everything with Dr Lane there were a lot more options open to me than I expected.

It was such a hard thing to do to take myself to the dentist in the first place, that after my consultation I felt like I’d taken such a massive step, I really needed to carry on with it. Dr Lane had discussed how some of my remaining teeth at the front would be healthy enough for me to go ahead with veneers, and I could then have implants to fill the gaps of the teeth which were missing, which I did.

My treatment has been life-changing. I would never open my mouth to smile before, so now that I do, everyone comments. Every aspect of the treatment and service I have received has been brilliant. 

Richard's treatment involved placing veneers on to the front 6 teeth, along with dental implants which would fill gaps in his smile.


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