I had a lot of missing teeth, which had been replaced with top and bottom dentures. I was really conscious of my teeth moving when I talked, and hated using the ‘sticky adhesive stuff’ to keep them in place. Which was why, after seeing an advert for Queensway in Wynyard Hall magazine, I decided to come for a consultation.

I didn’t know what to expect when I came for the initial consultation. However Dr Ian Lane provided me with a treatment plan and explained everything to me so I knew exactly what my options were.

I knew in terms of both treatment time and cost it was something I wouldn’t be able to do all at once, but together with my husband, who was very supportive and completely in favour of the treatment, we made it possible.

I have been visiting Queensway for almost 3 years, and the treatment I have had has been very complex. I look back now and I can’t even remember wearing a denture, which is lovely. Looking at the before and after images of my treatment is absolutely fascinating. Nobody has actually said ‘Have you had your teeth done?’ and I think it’s because they look so natural. I’m really happy with how they look. 


Invisalign treatment

12 months treatment time