It was looking back at her wedding photographs that made Sophie want to improve her smile…

“I remember looking at my wedding photos and thinking ‘I wish my teeth were straight’ and really noticed the discoloration. This was due to falling off my bike when I was 9 years old and unfortunately knocking my two front teeth out. I have had problems with them ever since, including painful abscesses and infections, root canal surgery and the discoloration. Having such invasive dental work as a child gave me a terrible fear of going to the dentist and before Queensway, I had avoided the dentist for over 10 years.

It was when I noticed lumps on my gums above my two front teeth that I knew I had to put by fear behind me and get it checked out.

Upon recommendation from my mother in law and hairdresser, I booked a free consultation with Dr Paul Averley. I remember meeting Paul for the first time and felt calmed and immediately reassured by his manner. I had been so nervous about the appointment, but after telling him about my dental history he understood my fears and I felt confident enough for him to take a look in my mouth. After the examination, he talked me through my options, but didn’t put me under any pressure to go ahead. He said that I had a good set of teeth & they could be made to look even better with orthodontic treatment, which was something I hadn’t thought about before.

I took some time to think about it and decided that I would go ahead with his treatment recommendations and trusted him completely that he was able to help me.

As an added bonus I was able to spread the costs of treatment into monthly payments, which meant I could get started straight away.

My treatment plan included root canal treatment and internal bleaching on the grey tooth that I didn’t like. I then had braces fitted to my top and bottom teeth by Dr Guy Deeming, a specialist orthodontist who is conveniently located in the same building!

Due to the ongoing problems with my front teeth it became apparent that one of them had attached itself to the bone and this tooth would not be moved by the braces. This meant that some additional work was needed to be done by Paul once my braces were off, to ensure that my front teeth looked aligned. After tooth whitening I had composite bonding to perfect the shape of my front teeth.

I have never felt so confident about my smile and it only took 18 months from beginning to end. I would always feel conscious of my smile in the past, even on my wedding day… but when I got to see the finished result, I sent my husband a photo with my biggest cheesy grin and I felt extremely happy with the outcome. Thank you to all at Queensway for everything.”

Charlotte before and after

Sophie Martin

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