Case studies


Case studies

Twins Diane and Carol from Peterlee show off their sensational (and identical) make overs!

Diane and Carol from Peterlee

Diane initially got referred to Queensway Dental Clinic by her routine dentist for a second opinion for suspected periodontitis. An x-ray determined that her gum health wasn’t a cause for concern and in turn this opened up the options for transforming her smile.

Due to taking tetracycline medicines as infants, both sisters had suffered with discolouration to their teeth and as a result, in their early 20’s had crowns placed on their top teeth. Over time these had become discoloured and loose and required attention.

With a milestone birthday looming, Diane wanted to explore the options of dental implants to restore her smile. Carol accompanied her to her initial consultation with Dr Will Carter and she said it was the best decision she made as she too decided there and then ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’ and booked in for similar treatment.

The twins had a combination of crowns, bridges and veneers on the top and bottom arch and opted for conscious sedation which Diane described as ‘absolutely wonderful’ as she couldn’t remember a thing, she came round and the 2-hour treatment was done!

Treatment was also carried out to restore good oral health to upkeep her new smile. Diane said “Thanks to Dental Hygienist Sally we are now more informed about dental care and how to keep our new smiles sensational!”

To complement their new look, the sisters took advantage of the on-site skin clinic and Dr Rebecca Hierons used Botox to soften fine lines around the eye areas.

Carol said; “We absolutely did not want the frozen look – we wanted to just look a better version of ourselves and it seemed an obvious next step after the transformation to our teeth. We absolutely trusted Dr Rebecca and she fulfilled our request for natural rejuvenation. We’re thrilled with the results and look and feel 10 years younger!”

Upon completion of their make-over the twins said: “We Sagittarians have now got our mojo back and can laugh at our blonde moments with confidence and start our 50’s in style!

Bev's instant facelift – without surgery. 

Our lovely client Beverley, with her bubbly personality and fabulous style, felt that even though she was feeling full of life and rested, her friends had started to comment that she was looking tired. She wanted to look refreshed and subtly rejuvenated. Dr Uzma with a combination of dermal filler and botulinum toxin restored the volume and vitality in her face.

“Dr Uzma did exactly what she said she could do and what I wanted. I just wanted to look a bit less tired, I had lost some weight and felt it was showing in my face. I never wanted to look completely different, just a bit fresher. I am so happy with the results. Thank you so much to Dr Uzma for getting it just right, also thank you to Gemma for always replying promptly and always answering my questions. I am completely satisfied with all my treatments. I will be back soon.”

Paul's make over - "I still look like me, but a better version... It’s changed the way I feel about myself"

Story initially published in La Di Da magazine in Spring 2017.

We can’t help scrutinising Paul’s face as he arrives. The shoot is taking place in broad daylight which can be punishing but there are no signs of tight skin or a shiny forehead and he has a full range of facial expressions. We honestly wouldn’t know he had had anything done, instead he looks well and rested and considerably younger than his age. Over the last few years increasing numbers of men have been having facial rejuvenation but few are confident enough to talk about it openly for fear of being judged. The professionals report that men have treatments for a multitude of reasons.

Some cite the need to keep a youthful appearance for their chosen career or profession. Others, like Paul, have a milestone birthday approaching or are getting married. Paul had full face rejuvenation using dermal filler and Botulinum toxin to restore volume and contour the face at Queensway Skin Clinic with Dr Uzma Olbrich. “I wasn’t sure what to expect,” he admitted. “A female friend had recommended Queensway to me so I knew that I was in safe hands but I didn’t know if it would make that much difference.”

The dental clinic environment was also a major factor in his decision making process. “Initially I liked the fact that I could sit in reception and no one would know what I was about to have done,” he said. “Now I am quite confident but when I first looked into having the treatment, I liked the fact it’s very discreet. “I had a consultation with Dr Uzma and she explained that we were aiming for a subtle, refreshed look. She works like an artist and looks at the face as a whole, rather than focusing on certain areas. I have a small line between my eyes caused by wearing glasses and she advised me to keep that so the whole effect was more subtle and natural. I wasn’t sure at first but she was absolutely right as it helps to keep my look really natural. It would look artificial for a man my age to have no facial lines,” he explains, “and I still look like me, but a better version.” Paul was delighted with the results and has been back. “I was really surprised that the improvement was

noticeable within a couple of days,” he said. “I have had so many compliments about how good I look but no one has even guessed that I have had any work done. It’s changed the way I feel about myself, I just feel much more confident and comfortable in my own skin.”



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