I was always scared to smile in photos before, but now with my new Queensway Smile I couldn't be happier.

- Emily
(Joined by sister, Gemma)

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It's time to smile

It's time to smile

It's time to smile Play

It’s been a difficult year for all but now... it’s time to smile!

Now that a sense of normality is resuming following lockdown, our new campaign is all about putting the last year behind us and moving forward with smiles on our faces.

From a scale and polish to dental implants, here at Queensway Dental we believe everybody deserves to smile and we are here to help do just that!

Why choose Queensway?

I Finally Feel Like I Can Smile

- Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt | Smile Makeover

Scarlett Moffatt | Smile Makeover Play

Scarlett Moffatt showed off her new teeth and hit back at school bullies - as she admitted: "I finally feel like I can smile."

The former Gogglebox star, 30, explained why she came to Queensway Dental for a smile makeover which consisted of zirconia veneers, crowns, PMMA veneers and crown lengthening.

“So as a kid, school wasn't really easy. One of the big things I used to get picked on was my teeth because I was in a bike accident when I was little and smashed my two front teeth. This unfortunately carried on into adulthood - being in the public eye sometimes isn't fun. So, I went to Queensway Dental and... this happened! I feel like I can finally smile. I'm so excited."

"Bullies are like sandpaper - the more they wear you down the more polished you become. I have done this for me, not them and now thanks to @queenswaysmiles & @queenswaylab I don’t think I’ll ever stop smiling."

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Some of the smiles we've created

Some of the smiles we've created

All I can say is wow! I'm not sure I can actually put it into words - I feel like a new person, I feel wonderful!

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