Queensway invests in innovative digital intraoral scanner

Queensway has invested in the latest technology which allows dentists to take accurate oral impressions to save the patients’ time and eliminate the discomfort of conventional dental impressions.

The Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner is a digitally enhanced scanner that takes intricate 3D digital impressions of a patient’s oral health —all in colour and impressive detail.

Designed to give an outstanding patient experience, the Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner enables dentists to communicate visually with their patients, bringing up quality images on a screen in a matter of seconds.

Dr Ian Lane, partner at Queensway Dental, said: “We are delighted to have invested in the latest innovative and enhanced treatment which makes scanning faster and easier for our dentists and therapists and offers optimal comfort for our patients.

“The scanner is a compact, easy to use, non-invasive tool that enriches treatment and engages patients in their dental care.  It’s a fun, interesting way to get the patient involved, erasing any apprehension many patients feel.

“We now have the ability to create high quality life-like colour impressions and these accurate dental images allows us to demonstrate to our patients how we can create the perfect restoration and match the colour of their smile.  The 3D impressions can then be sent electronically direct from the dental surgery to our onsite laboratory to produce perfect fitting dental crowns, bridges, dental inlays, onlays and veneers too.

“It’s an exciting investment for Queensway and we continue to strive to meet the needs of our patients, finding ways to create engaging and reassuring experiences.”


What it means for you

At Queensway you can say goodbye to that pre-appointment feeling! Not only will you be involved in your own treatment, you will also see the benefits of the Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner in your life.

The Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner allows you to:

View intricate impressions on a digitally enhanced screen

Watch everything in 3D AND in colour

Receive non-invasive treatment that gives you a detailed view of your oral health

Get fast, accurate results for fast, accurate treatment

Spend less time in the dental chair

Fully understand your treatment.

Control a sensitive gag reflex.


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