We hope you and your family are staying safe and well during this unusual time.

Patient safety has always been a priority at Queensway Dental and in the early stages of the first lockdown, we worked quickly to put in place a number of precautions to reduce the risk of exposure to the Corona virus. 

We have steadily been able to get back to delivering all aspects of dental care following a large backlog of patients who had developed issues over the lockdown period. We are pleased to say we have now got on top of that and are now able to move forward and see patients for checks ups, routine care and a range of treatments.

With the movement to a high level tier and new restrictions in place, we completely understand some patients may be feeling a little anxious – please watch this short video from Dr Paul Howlett as he explains how Queensway Dental is a safe and secure environment.

We have also implemented a range of safety protocols, from no-contact hand sanitizers, plasma virus air filters, directional/instructional floor markings throughout our buildings and infrared no-touch temperature scanner (see below). 

At Queensway Dental, there will always be someone available to chat, whether that’s via a phone call, email, webchat or social media – We are more than happy to talk through any concerns you may have about attending your appointment.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our patients for being so positive and understanding during this period.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Queensway Dental 

The three local COVID alert levels fall into the categories of Medium, High and Very High. The document below, taken from Gov.uk gives a clear explanation of the guideline for the high risk category which our area currently falls under – we hope you find it useful.

Certainly the new announcement has meant things have changed in our local area and we understand the movement of the North East area into the High level has an impact on our ability to socialise with friends and family.

Thankfully, we are very fortunate that as a dental practice, due to the policies and procedures we have in place to keep our patients and staff safe, we are able to continue to deliver our services.

If you’re travelling on the A19 North bound to Queensway Dental Billingham, please note there are on-going roadworks between Norton and Wynyard, please keep in lane 1.

If you’re an existing patient and want to book an appointment at Queensway Dental, please call the Billingham practice on 01642 554 667 or the Jesmond practice on 0191 281 5976.