Welcome to Queensway’s May newsletter. We hope you have had a great weekend, enjoyed some sunshine and you are now looking forward to the next!

We have been busy helping patients start their journeys to achieve a dream smile for summer. The sunshine always brings out people’s smiles and we want to ensure you can smile this summer with confidence. We are certain that your holiday selfies, wedding pictures or even the fun snaps from family and friend’s days outs are ones you will be proud of.

If you feel now is the right time for you to start on a new smile journey or even if you are just looking for some routine oral healthcare, then please do not hesitate to contact us via our homepage or on 01642 565677 and our staff will be more than happy to help you.

In the meantime… bring on the sunshine!

With best wishes

Queensway Dental

Josephine came to Queensway Dental ready to treat herself to a smile makeover. 
With over 25 years’ experience of helping anxious patients and an on-site laboratory to custom create your new teeth, Queensway Dental in Billingham can help you talk, eat and smile with confidence in 2022. 
If you’re ready to join thousands of happy patients just like Josephine, book a free video or telephone consultation today with a dental professional.

If you’re ready to start your smile journey, we have availability for a free, no obligation video consultation as early as next week! 

We’re delighted to remain a corporate sponsor of The Teesside Family Foundation for 2022/23.

The love and dedication that goes into the charity continues to amaze us and we’re so pleased that we can help play a part in the wonderful, life changing work that they do.

Over the last year we’ve been humbled to have the opportunity to meet lots of new faces in the community and have donated Easter eggs to local schools, supported local sport clubs with their kit and contributed to a holiday home at Primrose Valley for deserving families.

If you’re not familiar with The Teesside Family Foundation, let us tell you a little bit about them and the important contributions they make to our region:
– They’re a registered charity run by volunteers who can help, support and provide assistance to families and individuals living in Teesside who do not have the means, are underprivileged, suffering from ill health or have fallen on hard times.

– They give 140 deserving Teesside families a free holiday each year to their caravans located at Primrose Valley

– They pledge £1000 every month to grassroots sports on Teesside for sponsorship or to purchase vital equipment

– £15000 every year is donated to help tackle poverty head on in Teesside. This is open to charities, community groups, schools or volunteer groups who support the most vulnerable people in our region

How amazing is that!?

More information along with the application forms, can be found on their website www.theteessidefamily.com.

We look forward to sharing with you throughout the year some of the projects we have been privileged to support. 

If you were lucky enough to witness any members of our team running around Billingham town centre last month, it was all in the name of health and wellness with the amazing @odysseyuk1.

When Mike and Craig ask you to form a team and;
– Do an exercise pose outside the local library
– Do your best smile outside of your place of work
– Take a relay photo on the ‘curly wurly’ ramp 
– Take a video of the team “mooing” outside the butchers
– Have a group hug at the end
– All the while searching for hidden tomatoes throughout Billingham 

Well, you best believe we are going to do it!!!

We were even treated to a delicious fruit platter at the end. 

The focus of the session was about being active. We learnt about the long-term effects of a sedentary lifestyles and the importance of moving throughout our working day and exactly what happens when you don’t. The health and well-being of our team is a top priority here at Queensway Dental and we are looking forward to building on this partnership.

Racheal is a Queensway plan patient at our Jesmond practice which means she is feeling more confident with her smile and oral health and gets to enjoy many member benefits from as little as 30p a day!


– More cost effective than visiting on a Pay-As-You-Go basis

– Convenient payment by monthly direct debit

– Reduced risk of oral disease and the need for treatment

– 10% off routine treatment such as fillings and extractions

– 5% off implant, brace and cosmetic treatments

– X-rays as clinically required

– Peace of mind through a supplementary Global Dental A & E Cover