Toby (who is the son of Queensway Dentist Tim Peach) has been raising money for our Syrian Refugee charity by selling Spuds for Syria. By volunteering his time digging up and selling the potatoes he is one step closer to achieving his Silver Duke of Edinburgh award.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Toby Peach with Managing Partner Dr Paul Averley


School boy Toby, who is in year 11 at RGS (Royal Grammar School) in Jesmond spent 2 days at Moor House Farm Shop with his friend Jonnie Scott – selling the potatoes which they had harvested from land in Northumberland. The boys dug up and sold nearly 7 20kg bags of potatoes and raised a total of £102.30! To complete their Duke of Edinburgh programme the boys need to  have two further elements to complete following their volunteering, including physical and skills and taking part in an expedition, which will be organised by their school.



To read more on our Syrian refugee trip please visit http://www.queensway.co.uk/about-us/charity-and-community/our-greek-mission/