Gum contouring

To help keep your gums in good health.


Gum contouring

If you suffer from a 'gummy smile', you could benefit from a treatment we offer here at Queensway Dental known as gum contouring. 

What is gum contouring?

A gummy smile is caused when too much gum tissue grows and covers the teeth. Gum contouring, also known as cosmetic gum lifting, is a dental treatment that reduces the amount of gum tissue. This is done by either removing some of the tissue or removing both tissue and bone. 

To make sure that not only your teeth but also your gums enhance your smile, you may benefit from gum contouring. This contouring may range from simply removing some of the gum tissue to improve a ‘gummy’ smile to the more complex removal of both bone and gum tissue. 

How effective is gum contouring?

Gum contouring is a relatively simple procedure, administered under anaesthetic,  which can make a real difference to a patient's appearance. Gummy smiles often look crooked or lopsided and can mean your teeth give the impression of being smaller than your gums. 

At Queensway Dental, our experienced dental professionals can make minor changes to your gums give you a more symmetrical smile. It can also improve your overall appearance and self-confidence. 

Results of gum contouring

Patient 1

Gum contouring

These teeth were damaged by wear, acid erosion and heavy brushing with abrasive toothpastes and some clenching. After carrying out some preventative advice and treatment to reduce this patient's risk of further damage, Dr Will Carter then changed the visual length of the teeth by recontouring the gum. This process, often called

Orthodontic treatment before

Orthodontic treatment after

‘crown lengthening’ or ‘gum recontouring’, can be carried out using an electrocautery device, laser or traditional surgery. The enamel and dentine were then repaired using ceramic bonded to the teeth to give a healthy middle-aged appearance.

To find out if you could benefit from gum contouring treatment, book a free consultation with the team at Queensway Dental today.

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