We interviewed eyebrow expert Ekatrina Toropynina about the latest trend in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup – Diamant Blading.  Find out more about the procedure below with the most  frequently asked questions.

What is so special about Diamant Blading?

Diamant Blading is a unique form of semi-permanent make up for eyebrows which achieves an extremely natural looking brow by creating fines hair strokes. There is nothing like it!

Why choose Diamant Blading over Microblading / Tattooing?

The main reason to choose Diamant Blading instead of Microblading is that Diamant Blading is a safer form of semi-permanent make up as it creates far less damage to the skin and allows for faster healing with almost no scab formation. It also provides more realistic, natural looking results as strokes are much finer and look just like real hair.

 What are the advantages of Diamant Blading?

There are many advantages to Diamant Blading. Hairs strokes achieved with this method are the finest in the world, creating extremely realistic looking semi-permanent brows as a result. Diamant Blading is a much safer treatment than tattooing / Microblading as there’s no damage to the skin because the instrument used is super sharp. Healing results are much better as well, as skin heals faster with almost no scabbing. This means that a client can have this treatment and nobody will be able to tell they have had anything done to their brows, allowing for them to have this treatment and go to straight to work. Finally, hair strokes will remain fine and crisp after the healing process and won’t become blurred under the skin which can often happen with Microblading and the tattooing machine method.

Whom is Diamant Blading suitable for?

Diamant Blading is for anyone that wants natural looking semi-permanent brows. It is for clients that don’t want fake looking or too bold brows which can be the case with tattooed brows, achieved by colour block or Microbladed brows where thick blades are used. Clients with Alopecia in particular will benefit from the natural effect from this treatment. This treatment is also popular amongst male clients that want their brows restoring due to damage through scarring or lack of hair growth.

Talk us through the stages of Diamant Blading.

First a perfect shape is created with a brow pencil and then hair strokes are implanted into the top layer of the skin with the Diamant Blading hand tool which has a very sharp cut, genuine diamond blade on the end. Pigment is then rubbed into the skin and left on as a mask to soak in for a few minutes. Pigment is then wiped off and the final results are assessed.

How long does Diamant Blading last?

Diamant Blading will last between 1 – 2 years depending on a client’s skin type. For example, the results may not last as long on oily skin.

What is unique about the pigment used for Diamant Blading?

Diamant Blading pigments are produced using the best organic ingredients, meaning there are no harmful chemicals or substances in them and are the finest quality on the market.

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