Queensway Skin Clinic is delighted to be joining forces with Ekaterina Toropynina, a professional eyebrow expert who specialises in Diamant Blading – a global innovative procedure for semi-permanent eyebrow make-up.

Ekaterina, known as Kat, is one of a small exclusive group of Diamant Blading specialists in the UK and we are excited she will be available at the clinic on Mondays to offer our clients this very natural semi-permanent eyebrow solution. She will be available on an appointment only basis.

Kat said: “I’m looking forward to working with Queensway Skin Clinic and bringing this new technique to their clients.

“As this treatment is very unique and gives very natural looking results, I was wanting to offer this treatment from a medical clinic with similar values to mine. This is a unique service that gives very natural looking results with minimal risk to the client’s skin.”

The independent Diamant Blading specialist will be a welcome addition to the clinic’s team of highly trained facial aesthetic practitioners, Dr Uzma Olbrich and Dr Rebecca Hierons.

Dr Uzma Olbrich, said: “Kat has come highly recommended. After seeing her work, I can see she is very artistic and approaches her work with skill and high standards – something we adhere to at Queensway Skin Clinic.

“I’m thrilled she will be bringing her experience and skill to the clinic. We have a number of clients who suffer from thin, sparse eyebrows and are looking to enhance this important facial feature.

“I liked the idea of the Diamant Blading because of the very fine Swiss-made tools and dyes used giving a much more lifelike appearance of hair. Our clients are very discerning and prefer more natural results.”

What does it involve?

 Kat will agree with each client their desired eyebrow shape and requirements. We are all individuals and eyebrows are unique from one person to the next. She will mark the outline of the new brow on the client. Then using a very fine real-cut diamond blade and a dye colour to match the natural hair and skin tone, she will create fine hair-like brushstrokes into the skin. With her artistic skill and the fine tools each client will end up with very natural looking semi-permanent eyebrows.

The skin heals very fast and the colour pigments do not become blurred inside the skin. The individual line of each hair stroke continues to looks very natural, with razor-sharp definition, after it has healed and for months post treatment. The eyebrow makeup will last for approximately 12 months before needing a repeat procedure.