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Crowns, bridges and veneers

It's not just braces and aligners that can improve your smile. At Queensway Dental, our team are also highly experienced at fitting crowns, bridges and veneers. These can be an alternative to orthodontic appliances but also have a role to play in dental treatment.

We believe communication is the key to achieving the best results and by listening to your concerns we can recommend the most suitable treatment options to meet your specific needs.

What treatment options are available?



Crowns can completely transform a smile by improving the appearance of damaged teeth. Manufactured on-site by our highly skilled laboratory technicians, a crown is a ‘cap’ placed over a single tooth to strengthen or protect it. A crown can enhance the aesthetic appearance of a tooth by improving both its shape and colour.

At Queensway Dental, we use clear dental crowns. We have chosen this type of crown because it provides our patients with the best possible aesthetics - the clear material blends in with the colour of your teeth and provides a more natural appearance.

To fit crowns, we use the latest CAD-CAM technology. This ensures that the crowns are an exact fit to your teeth and disguises the fact that you have had any treatment at all!


To fit crowns, we use the latest CAD-CAM technology. This ensures your crowns are an exact fit to your teeth and disguise the fact that you have any at all!




The loss or removal of teeth can leave gaps in your confidence as well as in your smile. A bridge can close gaps giving beautiful, natural looking results. In the same way a crown ‘caps’ a tooth a bridge replaces the gap with a natural looking tooth. This increases your confidence while creating a great smile.




Veneers can be used to create the ultimate smile make over by transforming the appearance of gaps, crooked teeth, worn/chipped teeth or by replacing old veneers. Whether you are looking for a complete smile make over or a subtle, natural looking change, we can provide the option which is right for you.

Veneers are ceramic facings that are placed on to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are an effective way to achieve stronger, brighter and straighter teeth. By using the latest techniques in smile design and the highest quality materials, hand-crafted in our dental laboratory, we can achieve the smile that you have always wanted.


Composite veneers

An effective way to enhance your smile is by using enamel bonding to restore chipped or broken teeth, improve their shape or close small gaps between the teeth. This is also an effective solution for treating sensitive teeth. A tooth coloured resin is bonded to the teeth to mask imperfections or improve their shape, giving a completely natural looking smile.

White Fillings

Silver or discoloured fillings can be noticeable when you smile and may look unsightly. By replacing old fillings with a tooth coloured composite, fillings in both front and back teeth can be made to look barely noticeable, brightening your smile.

Queensway Dental Laboratory

Queensway Dental Laboratory is an on-site dental laboratory based at our Billingham practice. It is a state of the art facility producing the highest standard of cosmetic work, including the manufacture of crowns, bridgework and veneers. The laboratory uses the highest quality materials and the latest techniques in planning and design to ensure both quality and high standards are achieved in all work produced. Our highly trained technicians work closely with the cosmetic dentistry team throughout all stages of treatment.

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We offer all new patients a free consultation with a dentist to allow you to find out more about the treatment options available. To find out if you could benefit from crowns, bridges, veneers or Veneers, give the friendly team at Queensway Dental a call today.


With her wedding booked in Mexico and all of the plans and preparations in place, there was one last thing that Jayne wanted - to be able to smile on her wedding day.

Orthodontic treatment before

Orthodontic treatment after


A childhood injury had resulted in damage to Jayne’s two front teeth. After having them temporarily fixed at an emergency dental appointment they had never been corrected properly and the filling material used to re-shape the tooth had become worn. This had left Jayne feeling self-conscious and not wanting to show her teeth when she smiled.

With less than 6 months to go until her big day she spoke to Dr Uzma Olbrich about her concerns and of course, that she was on a wedding deadline. After her free consultation, a treatment plan was created for a smile makeover. After a course of tooth whitening to get the teeth to the desired shade, veneers and crowns were used to shape Jayne's new smile. In total the treatment time took around 2 months.

After her wedding day Jayne said: “Uzma and her colleagues at Queensway went above and beyond when I was in their care. I have always been a nervous patient and never thought I would be able to get my problem teeth corrected, but it was one of the best decisions I have made. In fact, my husband was that impressed with the transformation, he is now in treatment with Queensway Orthodontics and is wearing a brace.”


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