Oral surgery


Oral surgery

Oral surgery

Achieving a healthy mouth can sometimes take more than just regular appointments with your dentist and oral surgery may be required. 

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery, also referred to as maxillofacial surgery, is used to treat patients who are suffering from diseases or injuries relating to the face, teeth and jaws. It can also be used to correct abnormalities relating to the head and neck. 

Oral surgery can be required for relatively common treatments, such as to remove wisdom teeth, particularly those that are impacted; as well as more complicated problems such as injuries sustained to the teeth and jaws, for example a broken jaw. 


Oral surgery on the NHS

At Queensway Dental, our dentists are qualified to treat patients using oral surgery techniques. Queensway Durham & Darlington Oral Surgery Service (QDDOSS) and Queensway Teesside Oral Surgery Service (QTOSS) are both NHS services for people needing oral surgery procedures carried out in the County Durham, Darlington and Tees regions. 

Private Oral Surgery

In addition to the NHS services we offer private oral surgery. We will see you for a consultation and discuss the treatment you require as well as options to have sedation as you wish. If you need to have an x-ray as part of your consultation appointment, the cost is included in the £75 consultation fee. 

We will give you a quotation for the cost of the treatment and arrange a further appointment to suit you. We will normally ask for a deposit to be paid when you make an appointment for your treatment. 

To find out more about a private oral surgery appointment at Queensway Dental, call our reception team on 01642 554667.

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