Oral surgery & wisdom teeth removal

Oral surgery involves removing difficult teeth, removing cysts or gum growths for biopsy and exposing unerupted teeth to help orthodontic tooth alignment.


Oral surgery is available for referred NHS and Private patients

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What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of pathology of the mouth and jaws that requires surgical intervention. Oral surgery can be used to treat children, teenagers and adults alike, and is also suitable for the management of medically complex patients as well as patients who are anxious about dental surgery.

As part of their general dental services contracts, primary care-based General Dental Practitioners (GDPs), such as Queensway Dental, are expected to undertake routine oral surgery care such as dental extractions. For more complex oral surgery cases, care is provided by specialists in oral surgery.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery on the NHS

At Queensway Dental, all oral surgery care is provided by GDC registered specialists in oral Surgery. Treatments include surgical extraction of teeth dentists have failed to remove, impacted wisdom teeth and surgical orthodontics – removal of or exposure (uncovering) of teeth as part of orthodontic care, removal of benign soft tissues lesions such as polyps. Queensway Durham & Darlington Oral Surgery Service (QDDOSS) and Queensway Teesside Oral Surgery Service (QTOSS) are both NHS services for people needing oral surgery procedures carried out in the County Durham, Darlington and Tees regions.

Queensway Dental has provided specialist oral surgery care for over 20 years. 2019 marks our 10th year of providing a full-time NHS oral surgery service for dentists and patients of the region.

Oral surgery

Private Oral Surgery

In addition to the NHS services, we offer private oral surgery here at Queensway Dental. We will see you for a consultation and discuss the treatment you require, as well as options to have sedation if appropriate. If you need to have an x-ray as part of your consultation appointment, the cost is included in the £75 consultation fee.

We will give you a quotation for the cost of the treatment and arrange a further appointment to suit you. We will normally ask for a deposit to be paid when you make an appointment for your treatment.

To find out more about a private oral surgery appointment at Queensway Dental, call our reception team on 01642 554667.

Oral surgery

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