PMMA veneers (Laboratory made)

Your smile. Your style.

PMMA veneers are a new-found technology that can provide patients with a smile makeover in just two visits.

These veneers are lab made with the latest in-house digital technology and do not require any preparation to your natural tooth tissue.

First, you will experience a virtual consultation with a clinical member of our highly qualified team who will be able to assess whether this treatment is appropriate, as with every treatment, this is case specific and subject to change following a clinical assessment.

Patients will then attend the practice for a face to face, full mouth examination with a dentist as well as record collecting with one of our nursing team. This will include a 3D digital scan and photographs - as we are using the latest technology, sticky impressions are no longer needed.

These records will then be sent to our in-house laboratory where a digital smile design will be constructed. This means we are then able to trial this in your mouth with a temporary material to ensure you are happy with the proposed outcome and it gives you the opportunity to make any alterations that you wish to the design.

Once we receive the go ahead from yourself, the lab will manufacture the bespoke PMMA veneers in as little as two weeks. These will then be cemented individually.

In comparison to chairside composite veneers, PMMA is more stain resistant, longer lasting and gives more of a predictable outcome. If in the event a veneer was damaged or lost the lab can remake the veneer without multiple visits.

If you are looking for a whiter smile this does not delay the veneer fitting as only the lower arch will require bleaching and this can be done post treatment. Due to the smooth polished surface they are less likely to pick up any staining although care needs to be taken when consuming certain food and drinks.

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Josie had cosmetic treatment including tooth whitening and PMMA veneers. She said:

“When I went in for my veneers fitted it was not painful at all, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror - I think my first words were ‘they’re perfect’.

“I know it sounds cliché but it has honestly changed my life. I struggle now to keep my teeth to myself, I haven’t stopped smiling since.”

See below for Josie’s before and after photographs:

before after

Smile Gallery - PMMA Veneers

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